RHONJ critics tell Gia Giudice to ‘be humble’ as she shows off new Porsche

RHONJ star Gia Giudice Instagram selfie
Gia Giudice just bought a pricey new Porsche. Pic credit: @_giagiudice/Instagram

Gia Giudice recently made her “first big girl purchase,” but critics won’t let her enjoy the moment.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star proudly showed off her fancy new Porsche on social media and now she’s getting dragged in the comments. 

People called out the 23-year-old for several things, from bragging about the new car to copying her cousin Antonia Gorga by purchasing a similar vehicle.

Some people are also bashing Gia for saying she bought the car, claiming she doesn’t have a job.

The aspiring lawyer graduated from Rutgers University a year ago, and while she has yet to enter law school, Gia is not exactly jobless.

The RHONJ star is a successful influencer with lots of brand deals and collaborations under her belt.

Most recently, Gia and her mom Teresa Giudice teamed up with The RYL Co. to promote their line of iced teas.

She also has several paid partnerships with companies such as White Fox Boutique, RepHresh, Baddest Bod, and Cakes Body, to name a few.

In 2023, Gia also snagged a collaboration with the popular fast-fashion brand Shein, alongside her mom and sisters, named Shein X Giudice Girls.

RHONJ star Gia Giudice shows off her first ‘big girl purchase’

Gia Giudice has been stacking up her coins from all her social media deals and just made a big purchase.

The RHONJ star posted photos from the car dealership while posing with her fancy new Porsche.

In one snap, she held up a sign that read “sold” as she leaned against the pricey white vehicle beaming from ear to ear.

“First big girl purchase 🤍 screaming.. crying.. so grateful🥺,” Gia captioned the Instagram post.

Critics call out Gia for bragging about her new Porsche

After Gia shared the proud moment on social media she received a slew of comments with some people congratulating her and others throwing major shade.

“Try to be humble. Bragging isn’t very attractive,” responded a commenter.

“So what!! People buy cars every day and don’t have to post about it,” retorted someone else.

An Instagram user exclaimed, “How about working first…. A real job before you throw this in our faces. You have the degree. you are on your way! Don’t follow your Mom’s shallowness.”

Another person said, “There is no way you bought this on your own. Must be nice to have rich parents.

Gia Giudice Instagram comments
Fans go after Gia Giudice. Pic credit: @_giagiudice/Instagram

An Instagram user also pointed out that Gia’s ride looked eerily similar to the pricey Porsha Joe and Melissa Gorga bought for their daughter Antonia on her 17th birthday.

“She got the same car as her cousin Antonia,” said the commenter.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl
24 days ago

Good for Gia! She’s a great young woman who is making a name for herself. She shouldn’t be criticized for purchasing a fancy vehicle for herself. Teresa did a good job raising four great daughters despite all of the adversity they all faced. I, for one, applaud all of their accomplishments.