RHONJ: Bill Aydin calls Jackie Goldschneider ‘toxic’ after affair comment

Bill Aydin on RHONJ.
Bill Aydin called out Jackie Goldschneider for “toxic” comment. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been focused on the fallout from Margaret Josephs revealing Bill Aydin’s affair during the Season 12 premiere.

Jennifer Aydin recently learned that despite Jackie Goldschneider attempting to be there for her through the fallout, she had made a snarky comment about Bill and his affair.

Dolores Catania filled Jennifer in, saying Jackie said Bill should have “kept his d**k in his pants.”

Bill Aydin discusses Jackie Goldschneider’s comment

During an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s After Show, Bill Aydin addressed Jackie Goldschneider’s comment about keeping his “d**k in his pants.”

He said, “It’s always hurtful when you put trust in friends, and you don’t judge their lives and have it come back in a way where instead of trying to be supportive towards a friend, they’re there to kind of shame them.”

Bill then proceeded to talk about Jackie specifically, saying, “But people will say things in the heat of the moment. Does it reflect on their personalities? Yes, it does. So for me, that was a very toxic opinion.”

Jennifer Aydin used “vile” and “disgusting” when referring to what Jackie Golschneider said about her husband.

Where do things stand on Season 12 of RHONJ?

A lot is still left for Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The women are just getting started, and the drama will only increase moving forward.

Everyone is focused on the Jennifer and Bill Aydin drama, but Teresa Giudice is ready to explode on her castmates.

In an upcoming episode, Teresa will miss dinner at Jennifer and Bill’s shore house because she is worried about the women and what they will say to Luis Ruelas. She isn’t here for them questioning her man, which makes her explode near the end of the season while the women are in Nashville.

Meanwhile, Jennifer will be working through the fallout of Bill’s affair and its effects on the whole family. She’s already called out Gabby’s school counselor on social media and admitted that no one knew about the affair, not even her family or close friends.

It was a situation the couple addressed years ago, and now, it’s on public display for the world to see. Jennifer wanted to protect her children, and it’s all out in the open now.

Jackie Goldschneider may have pretended to be her friend, but when Jennifer and Bill Aydin found out about the comment she made, they weren’t happy about it at all.

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Peg P
Peg P
2 years ago

You know what else is toxic, Bill? Betraying your family! Coming and staying on a reality show expecting NOT to share your reality!

2 years ago
Reply to  Peg P

YES I agree that Bill Adyin betrayed his wife and children. As to Jackies comment,she is telling the blunt truth about the situation. Bill Adyin betrayed his family and at a vulnerable time in a woman’s life when she was pregnant …How disgusting and for Bill to call Jackie disgusting is gaslighting to get heat off him

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

OOPS, I want to clarify Bill A called Jackie toxic not disgusting .As I said, Bill is the one thats toxic to cheat on his wife. What is sad is men like this are sooo selfish and in the end the children get hurt too!! I have always lived by this rule everyone has a choice in life and he chose to have an affair without any respect or consideration for his family now that’s disgusting!!!!

2 years ago

That was a full blown relationship for 2 years Bill was burning the candle at both ends since Jennifer was pregnant within those 2 years