Reality Steve shares a statement regarding his personal relationships with The Bachelor franchise contestants

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Reality Steve addressed his past mistakes and the way he handled his personal relationships with the members of Bachelor Nation in a statement. Pic credit: ABC

Reality Steve has spoken out about his personal relationships with contestants of The Bachelor franchise and his plans to change his ways moving forward.

After coming under fire from Bachelor Nation and many of the show’s past contestants, he realized his intentions were backfiring.

“Going forward, I’m not gonna have any sort of personal relationship with these contestants,” he said in a statement on his website.

“Because even the times I’ve tried to speak to them in a ‘looking out for you’ way, helping them maybe avoid disaster, etc, it backfires more often than not. I need to draw clearer lines that these are people I’m reporting on not people I have relationships/friendships with,” Steve clarified.

Steve explained that throughout this past week he had experienced a lot, and feelings he was unaware of had come to light. He admitted he had taken it all in and read a lot of fan responses. He said some were good, some were bad and some were awful.

He also apologized for his past writings.

Steve’s issues with Demi Burnett & Bekah Martinez

Reality Steve addressed remarks he made to Demi Burnett where he spoke in a graphic nature to the reality star in a way she said made her uncomfortable.

While Steve addressed the ways he felt he had changed in the years since he first became a blogger, Demi claimed he had not and also, did not understand how hurtful his initial comments were about her in a series of messages.

She also shared a text conversation between herself and Steve which she said made her unsettled in the Twitter post seen above. This came after Bekah Martinez addressed Steve’s past post during the podcast Chatty Broads. Bekah hosts the podcast with Jess Ambrose.

They specifically spoke about the words he used to describe Jade Roper. Jade competed on Chris Soules’s season of The Bachelor. Steve claimed that when Jade revealed she once posed for Playboy, Reality Steve used her past to slut-shame her and degrade her on his blog.

Bekah said that a Reddit thread recently shared screenshots of past posts from the blogger that showed a “misogynistic bias.”

“What he’s done publicly that has been published on his website and his Twitter, etcetera,” she said, “are extremely problematic and show an extreme internalized bias towards just women as a whole that I think is really disturbing.”

Steve further addressed his past mistakes

Steve admitted that in his past, he spoke unfavorably about many people in the reality show spectrum.

He wanted to address the horrible ways he had spoken about contestants from Bachelor Nation in the past on his blog, comments which he said have all since been deleted.

Steve said that, in the beginning, when he would write in a way that could be considered hurtful, he never felt connected to his words. He felt that people clicking on his posts was more important than the words he put out there.

He said that he soon realized he did not have to degrade women to keep numbers up on his website and did not have to write like a 25-year-old frat boy to get people to read his writings.

“These contestants serve themselves up on a silver platter going on reality TV to be judged. If you wanna know where it comes from, that’s where. The fact people are talking about this now, I’m not denying the impact of it then, however, I’m not ignorant. I’m someone who’s in the continuous process of learning. And I take all of this very seriously. I am listening. I want to do better and I’m a guy that wants to do things right,” he concluded.

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