Reality Steve needs to go after evidence of his derogatory treatment toward Bachelor Nation women surfaced

Reality Steve aka Steve Carbone
Reality Steve is under fire after his behavior towards women is exposed. Pic credit: @RealitySteve/Twitter

Bachelor blogger and spoiler dropper Reality Steve, formally known as Steve Carbone, has been under fire after members of Bachelor Nation called him out for the way he has treated and spoken about some of the women in the franchise.

While his behavior has been in front of our noses this whole time, there are new installments to the case against Reality Steve that are alarming.

Not only does Reality Steve have a history of slut-shaming, specifically the women of The Bachelor, but Demi Burnett recently admitted that he coerced into listening to him describe a “graphic sex dream” about her and made unwanted advances toward her.

And now that Demi has come forward, it’s only a matter of time before more of the women of Bachelor Nation come forward with their stories.

Meanwhile, Reality Steve was quick to condemn Chris Harrison while sitting on skeletons in his own closet.

And, aside from his apology tweets, he has been going on about business as usual.

All in all, women simply shouldn’t be expected to put up with this anymore, and that’s why Reality Steve needs to go.

Before anyone jumps down my throat about “cancel culture,” I have some news for you: it’s nothing new.

While many people claim that “cancel culture” is a new phenomenon, it has been around since at least the Salem Witch Trials and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Many claim that “cancel culture” exists as an evil beast that destroys the lives of outspoken celebrities, but I find the word “cancel” has come to replace “expose.”

People are finally being held accountable and we, as a society are putting our foot down against intolerable offenses– in this instance, sexual harassment and sexism– by exposing the truth. And, as a result of being exposed for their problematic and potentially dangerous behavior, people no longer feel comfortable engaging with them, and their demand decreases. It’s consumerism, baby. Deal with it.

Point being, Reality Steve should be exposed and forced to face the consequences of his actions.

Evidence of Reality Steve degrading women

Reality Steve’s behavior towards women was brought to light by former Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez.

During an episode of Chatty Broads, Bekah and her co-host Jess Ambrose spoke out about how Reality Steve is “extremely problematic” and “extremely biased towards women.”

They specifically spoke about the words he used to describe Jade Roper. Jade competed on Chris Soules’s season of The Bachelor.

When she revealed that she had posed for Playboy, Reality Steve used her past to slut-shame her and degrade her on his blog.

“Oh, if Chris only knew then what experience Jade had testing out beds,” Reality Steve wrote in one post.

In another post, he antagonized her for her past, writing, “You know, if I hadn’t already seen Jade’s lady bits everywhere on the internet already, I’d say that maybe she was interested in just talking to Chris and getting to know him while laying down on her back half naked.”

These comments were from a blog post from 2015 when the season was airing and have since been deleted.

After Reality Steve issued an apology and claimed he had “changed,” Demi Burnett claimed that wasn’t true at all.

She said that Reality Steve had outed her as bisexual before she had the chance to announce it herself or tell her loved ones.

Additionally, she shared a disturbing story about how Reality Steve coerced her into a phone call. He said he had to tell her something that was too strange to write out.

Thinking it was a rumor about her, she called him immediately. He then proceeded to describe a “graphic sex dream” he had of her and she was forced to listen to his unwanted advances.

She also showed texts from him afterwards talking about the dream.

Demi depicted her story in the tweets below.

The people of Bachelor Nation fear Reality Steve

Reality Steve has been a toxic feature of Bachelor Nation even before these allegations.

The most dangerous part about Reality Steve is that he has power over these people. He has enough insight that he is often privy to The Bachelor spoilers.

Because of this, many people believe his words at face value and he can create false rumors about any member of Bachelor Nation who crosses him.

Many members of Bachelor Nation form a relationship out of fear that he’ll create rumors about him and ruin their lives if they don’t make nice with him.

Bekah and Demi both stated that they were afraid to speak out against him out of fear that he would ruin their lives.

This kind of dynamic is extremely problematic and something Bachelor Nation can certainly do without.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus at ABC.

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