Ponderosa video released for Emily Flippen from Survivor 45

Emily Survivor 45
Emily Flippen was an entertaining part of the Survivor 45 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor has released the Ponderosa video for castaway Emily Flippen.

Emily finished the season in seventh place in a blindside move from Episode 11.

Emily was in a prime position to go further in the game, but Julie Alley was warned she was the target.

Julie used an Immunity Idol that Austin Li Coon let her hold, saving herself from a very one-sided Tribal Council.

Because Julie used the Idol, all votes against her became null. Everyone else had voted against her, putting Julie in the position of power. Julie voted against Emily, sending her packing in a 1-0 vote.

Emily then became a Survivor 45 jury member and voted for Dee Valladares to become the Sole Survivor.

The Ponderosa video for Emily Flippen

When people are voted off of Survivor, they are sent to Ponderosa. This is where people hang out until it is time to vote on the winner.

Ponderosa provides shelter, relaxation, medical attention, and food for the people voted out. It can also lead to fun moments and new friendships between people who have been eliminated. This is why many jurors tend to look fresh and happy in Tribal Councils after they have been voted off the island.

“Hey, it’s Emily. I’m sitting at Ponderosa now after just being voted out of Survivor,” Emily states in the video.

“If I wasn’t gonna win it, getting voted out now probably saved me some psychological turmoil,” she admitted.

The video also features flashback footage from when she got voted out and her bad luck at the Survivor Auction.

Emily shares her immediate reactions to Julie voting her out and speaks more about her journey on Survivor.

Emily fans should watch this video.

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