Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are in coronavirus quarantine together, says Dustin Kendrick

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber
Peter Weber is said to be spending his quarantine time with Kelley Flanagan. Pic credit: ABC

There has been a lot of speculation lately about whether or not Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are dating.

Now, we’re hearing that the pair are getting to know each other better as another Bachelor star confirms that they are quarantining together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Eagle-eyed Bachelor fans already proved that Peter and Kelley have been spending some time back at her place.

The proof was in a rug that popped up on one of Peter’s cringeworthy Tik Tok videos. It was also spotted in a picture Kelley shared much earlier.

Now, we have even more proof that Peter and Kelley are hooking up. Or, at the very least, he’s been crashing at her place.

There are no secrets in Bachelor Nation

While Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan haven’t announced that they are together or confirmed literally anything, their Bachelor co-stars are spilling all the tea on these two.

First, it was Clay Harbor who confirmed that Peter and Kelley are dating. Now, Dustin Kendrick is taking the tea spilling a step further.

Dustin has confirmed that Peter and Kelley are currently sheltering in place together at her house, which explains why Kelley keeps popping up in Peter’s Tik Tok videos.

“It’s just the three of us staying at Kelley’s apartment. We’ve just been chilling, making TikTok videos, trying to stay out of trouble with people,” Dustin told Us Weekly.

“There’s not much else you can do other than entertain yourself and make a funny video. We’re not trying to be compared to The Quarantine Crew — they’re clearly legendary. We’re just trying to keep ourselves sane as well, like everyone else is.”

“I’m going to be here until the very end,” Dustin continued. “Hopefully, this will be over at the end of the month, so, we’ll just see how it goes. Hopefully, we all stay together through this time.”

Bachelor stars and fans react

Chris Harrison has already said that if Peter and Kelley are really trying to make a relationship work, they’ve got his support.

However, Hannah Ann Sluss, who was very briefly engaged to Peter Weber, may not be so excited for them.

After pictures of Peter and Kelley spending time at the Chicago waterfront popped up online, Hannah deleted all traces of him from her Instagram.

She also liked another post that called Peter a “f**kboi” and later told Nick Viall that maybe he’d be a little more decisive this time, referring to Peter’s back and forth about her and Madison at the end of the season.

And when it comes to Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron, who has been doing a lot of teasing of their own lately, there don’t seem to be any hard feelings either.

Tyler has been taking shots at Peter’s Tik Tok skills, leading Peter to challenge him to a dance-off.

And as for Hannah, she headed home to Alabama this week.

After several days of nothing but eating and sleeping, she has told her followers that she plans to get some workouts in during the week and she even wants to climb some trees.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus and is expected to return next year. 

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