Hannah Ann Sluss speaks out after Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan spotted together in Chicago

Hannah Ann has moved on from Peter Weber
Hannah Ann had a lot to say after seeing Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan together. Pic credit: @Hannahann/Instagram

Hannah Ann Sluss already said a lot about what she thinks of Peter Weber without saying anything at all recently when she deleted all traces of him from Instagram.

Now, The Bachelor sweetheart is speaking up, and it looks like she’s not surprised at all that her former fiance has been hanging out with Kelley Flanagan again.

Peter and Kelley were spotted together at the waterfront in Chicago.

Their daytime date was controversial both because he just ended two relationships coming from The Bachelor and also because the State of Illinois has been under a shelter in place order.

They weren’t supposed to be hanging out down by the waterfront at all.

Soon after, Hannah Ann deleted all traces of Peter Weber from her Instagram, a move that has Bachelor fans thinking the waterfront photos upset her.

Now, Hannah Ann is speaking out, and it turns out that she’s not all that surprised to see Peter and Kelley together.

Hannah Ann speaks out after seeing Peter Weber with Kelley Flanagan

Hannah Ann spoke with Nick Viall about the sighting, telling The Bachelor star, “I was completely blindsided by a lot; if it has been going on all along, that would be very sneaky. Maybe it will work out for them and he will be decisive about her.”

That was a clear shot at Peter, who couldn’t seem to make up his mind on The Bachelor about whether he wanted to be with Hannah Ann or if he wanted Madison.

After Madison fled Australia, following Victoria Fuller’s elimination, Hannah was the last one standing and ultimately got the proposal. However, Peter broke up with Hannah soon after and then tried to move on with Madison, a move that didn’t work out.

During their chat, Nick wanted to get some dirt from Hannah Ann, asking, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how annoyed were you when you saw the Peter and Kelley photos?”

But Hannah Ann didn’t fall for it. Instead, she insisted that they are all adults, and they are all single.

“In the day, I’m single, Peter’s single, Kelley’s single, we’re all single,” Hannah said. “Good for them if that’s the case. When you’ve just been through so much crap and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, little things like that don’t drag you down that much.

“I’m just glad I’m out of it…. It’s definitely confusing, but maybe it will work out for them, and he’ll be decisive about her.”

It’s pretty clear that Hannah Ann is done with Peter Weber now despite saying on The Bachelor that she would always be there for him.

She’s even teasing interest in a new man, and we can’t wait to find out who it is.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus and is expected to return next year. 

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