Hannah Ann Sluss is ready to move on from Peter Weber after The Bachelor, has her eye on a new man

Hannah Ann on The Bachelor
Hannah Ann has moved on from Peter Weber. Pic credit: ABC

It’s pretty clear that Hannah Ann Sluss is absolutely over Peter Weber after the drama at the end of The Bachelor. Now, she is reportedly moving on with a new man and leaving Pete the Pilot in her tracks.

If Hannah were to pick a man to date from the Bachelor franchise, it would be Tyler Cameron. At least that’s what she told Nick Viall recently on his podcast.

But since Tyler is currently spending his quarantine time with Hannah Brown, that’s not likely to happen.

Who is Hannah Ann crushing on?

On the Viall Files podcast, Hannah admitted that she hasn’t been out on a real date since she was competing for Peter Weber’s heart (and that final rose). But that hasn’t stopped her from looking for love and possibly even finding it.

While Hannah still can’t go out on a real date, she made it clear that she is getting to know some people. She even teased that one person, in particular, has caught Hannah Ann’s interest and she’s excited for when they can finally spend some time together in person.

Naturally, we all want to know who Hannah Ann is talking about. Is her mystery man someone famous? Will we think they make a good couple?

The Bachelor fans who have grown to love Hannah Ann will just have to wait to find out who she’s talking about, or possibly not if it fizzles out beforehand.

She told Nick, “He’s someone that’s been really nice, and I’m excited to get to know more. It’s weird because, like, when I’m actually liking someone now, not the whole world knows about it. Like, it’s nice just to have private conversations, slowly get to know someone and not have everyone know every detail.”

Hannah Ann told Nick that she can’t share what this person does for a living or it would be obvious who she is talking to. One thing she did make clear, though, is that she’s not talking to a musician and it’s not someone she’s been seen in public with before.

Hannah Ann doesn’t want to commit

Another thing that Hannah Ann Sluss made clear during her chat with Nick Viall is that, right now, she’s not looking to settle down. She has that in common with Peter Weber, who also recently admitted that he plans to stay single for a while.

Of course, that didn’t stop the Bachelor star from spending time with Kelley Flanagan at the Chicago waterfront during the coronavirus quarantine. That’s something that seemed to upset Hannah Ann.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus and is expected to return next year. 

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