Hannah Ann deletes all traces of Peter Weber after Bachelor star was spotted in Chicago with Kelley Flanagan

Hannah Ann Sluss on The Bachelor
Hannah Ann may not be there for Peter Weber after all. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Ann is moving on after getting dumped by The Bachelor’s Peter Weber after receiving a proposal.

Despite telling Peter at one point that she’ll always be there for him, now it looks like Hannah is just ready to forget the man she’s been chasing for the last several months.

Just take a look at Hannah Ann’s Instagram account as it indicates how she’s feeling these days. There are plenty of pictures of Hannah posing in every possible way.

She also left up photos from her time on The Bachelor like the one with her and host Chris Harrison.

What you won’t find are any pictures of Hannah Ann and Peter even though she made it all the way to the end of The Bachelor and won his proposal.

You won’t even find the picture of Hannah and Peter with the baby kangaroos anymore. Even that cuteness wasn’t enough to keep the memory of Peter Weber alive on Hannah’s social media.

Is Hannah Ann mad about Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan?

One might think she would take down the photos after their break up, which we all saw on After The Rose, right before he tried to patch things up with Madison Prewett.

Instead, it looks like the final straw for Hannah may have been seeing Peter Weber in Chicago with Kelley Flanagan.

The two were caught on camera as they spent time together on the waterfront despite Illinois’ order to stay at home and shelter in place.

It’s not clear yet if Peter and Kelley’s time together was a PR stunt or if they have been exploring their chemistry with him coming off two major breakups over the last few months (and several small ones if you want to call sending girls home a breakup.)

Are Peter and Kelley together now?

There have been a few rumors about Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan after The Bachelor ended. Though Kelley has denied that she and Peter are dating, it’s hard to deny that their Chicago waterfront day was not a date.

There’s also the fact that Peter’s mom seems to really like Kelley, possibly even more than she liked Hannah. And we all know that if Peter’s mom approves, it’ll be a whole lot easier for them to carry on any kind of relationship.

Poor Madison never stood a chance.

Whether Peter and Kelley are actually serious about each other is still up in the air, but it’s pretty clear that she’s forgiven him after making it pretty clear that she wasn’t a fan as the show aired.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus and is expected to return next year. 

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