Margot reveals what Below Deck Down Under fans didn’t see after Adam was fired

Margot Sisson and Adam Kodra on Below Deck Down Under Season 2
Margot spilled some Below Deck Down Under behind the scenes tea. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under star Margot Sisson has opened up about what really happened after Adam Kodra was fired.

Captain Jason Chambers let Adam go after a serious anchor mishap, much to the dismay of bosun Joao Franco.

The crew was shocked by the move, with everyone rushing to say goodbye to Adam.

It was sad and heartfelt.

However, Margot recently shared that Adam’s firing was much more devastating for the crew than what Below Deck Down Under fans saw.

There was also so much more to Adam leaving and interacting with the crew than what aired on the show.

Margot Sisson revealed what Below Deck Down Under fans didn’t see after Adam Kodra was fired

According to Reality Tea, Margot shared a video to her Instagram Stories, which has since expired, to discuss Adam leaving.

“I just wanted to say in regards to Adam being fired, I feel like it’s being shown as if we were all just yet, ‘Ugh, bummer! Bye!’ when really I was devastated, we were all devastated,” she began.

Margot went on to reveal there was a ceremony that took place before Adam exited the Northern Sun.

“What you didn’t see was the whole ceremony that we had saying goodbye where Adam actually gathered all of us into the f**king engine room or whatever,” Margot expressed. “He stood in the middle, and he went around each and every person, saying what he loved about all of us individually. Everybody was crying. Harry and I were ugly, crying into each other.”

The stew recalled the whole experience as a heartbreaking one. While Margot had no ill will for Captain Jason’s decision and understood why he did it, she felt it was necessary to let Below Deck Down Under fans know Adam’s firing was a lot more difficult for the crew than what aired.

Along with spilling what wasn’t seen, Margot used her Instagram Stories to show her love for the Brooklyn deckhand.

Below Deck Down Under Margot Sisson gives a shoutout to Adam Kodra

Margot shared several pictures of Adam after his final Below Deck Down Under episode aired.

One shot had Adam sitting on a log on a beach, in which Margot referred to him as a “king.” Another was a picture of the two where Margot said she missed her friend.

Adam and Margot IG
Margot misses her friend Adam from Below Deck Down Under. Pic credit: @zmargotz

There were two more photos of Margot and Adam, where she showed her love for him.

Adam and Margot from Below Deck Down Under IG Story
Margot shows love for Adam and their friendship. Pic credit: @zmargotz/Instagram

The last three images were of Adam with various members of the deck team. One was just of Adam with his cabin mate Harry Van Vliet.

The second picture was Culver Bradbury, Adam, and Joao on the crew’s day off. The final shot was of Harry, Joao, and Adam chilling during their downtime.

Adam and the deck team on Below Deck Down Under
Margot shares photos of Adam with his deck team pals. Pic credit: @zmargotz/Instagram

Margot Sisson has revealed the crew was devastated when Captain Jason Chambers let go of Adam Kodra. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Below Deck Down Under fans are not happy either, and Captain Jason’s taking some serious heat.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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