Below Deck Down Under: Joao speaks out after Adam’s firing, calls deckhand a ‘scholar and gentleman’

Adam Kodra and Joao Franco on Below Deck Down Under
Adam has a fan in Joao. Pic credit: Bravo

Joao Franco has said his piece following Captain Jason Chambers firing deckhand Adam Kodra on Below Deck Down Under.

Captain Jason opted to let Adam go after an anchor incident that had him realizing the deck team needed more experience on it.

However, the bosun stated a case for Culver Bradbury to be fired instead.

Culver and Joao have been butting heads since the latter joined the Northern Sun.

In the end, Captain Jason felt Adam’s lack of experience and a near-dangerous mishap with the anchor made him more of a liability.

Following the Below Deck Down Under doubleheader last night, Joao has spoken out on what went down on the show.

Joao Franco calls Adam Korda a ‘scholar and gentleman’ after his Below Deck Down Under firing.

Taking to Instagram, Joao shared a lengthy post that included a picture of him and Adam from filming.

“I put forward a difficult case for the captain’s consideration in deciding who should stay and who should go. Trust me. These conversations were a little longer than a few seconds😉” Joao began his message.

The Below Deck Med alum gave Captain Jason props for how he handled the situation.

Joao was grateful that the captain allowed him to sit in on the meetings with Adam. Not only did it give Joao the opportunity to say a few words but also learn from Captain Jason.

Then Joao took time to share his true feelings about Adam, which was all good.

“Adam, my boy you are scholar and gentleman. You held your own and took away only the positives of this! Just incredible! These qualities did not escape Jason and he didn’t let it go unnoticed right until the end and that in itself speaks miles,” Joao expressed.

The caption ended with Joao explaining driving the boat isn’t the hard part of his job. What’s really challenging is managing a team and having respect for the crew.

Below Deck Down Under alum Adam Korda reacts to Joao Franco’s IG post

The comments section of Joao’s IG post was filled with so much love and positivity. Adam was the first to pop up to show his love for Joao.

“Never thought I’d have a brother from Africa 💪🏻,” Adam shared.

Adam responds to Joao's IG post
Pic credit: @joaograntfranco/Instagram

Below Deck Down Under fans used the social media post to show their love for Adam.

The deckhand was given praise for being a stand-up guy and family man. There were words of encouragement and support for Adam, too.

Below Deck Down Under fans share support for Adam
Pic credit: @joaograntfranco/Instagram

Joao Franco has come a long way since his Below Deck Med days. That’s evident now more than ever with how he fought for Adam and his message to the deckhand after Captain Jason fired him.

Has your opinion of Joao changed?

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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Some one who cares
Some one who cares
10 months ago

Tell us what happening with Adam. Did he find another job? How is his family?