MAFS viewers are loving Zack and Michaela but are skeptical that Myrla is a good match for Gil

Married at First Sight fans are skeptical that Myrla is a good match for Gil. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight weddings are in full swing and while there were some lovable moments, the red flags have already started to present themselves in some couples.

While Zack and Michaela’s vows had some viewers tearing up, the same couldn’t be said about Gil and Myrla.

While MAFS fans are loving Zack and Michaela, Myrla and Gil‘s match has viewers feeling a little skeptical.

MAFS fans are loving Zack and Michaela

From the moment Michaela walked down the aisle, Zack’s face lit up and fans immediately knew attraction would not be a problem for these two.

Michaela’s friends and family prayed for an instant connection, and that’s exactly what she got.

From his memorized vows to stopping mid-way to compliment his new wife’s beautiful smile, it was apparent that Zack was someone who took this process seriously.

It’s clear Zack and Michaela impressed fans as the comparisons to past fan-favorites have already begun.

Gil and Myrla…not so much

However, when it comes to Gil and Myrla, fans are a little skeptical that Myrla is a good match for Gil.

Gil admitted that if his future wife was materialistic, it would be a problem for him. Myrla’s vows were littered with the mention of designer clothes and expensive red bottoms shows, something that was clearly noticed by his groomsmen.

Although both were physically attractive, fans were worried that Myrla would automatically count Gil out due to his bald head.

Despite her being open to the idea of a bald husband, another red flag came up when Gil mentioned his dog in his vows. It’s obvious Myrla was less than thrilled to find out she was a new dog mom, with her first question being, “Does he slobber?”

In this match, the experts acknowledged that Myrla was somewhat of a diva but they hoped Gil would have the patience to balance her out.

However, fans aren’t convinced.

From being standoffish at her bachelorette party to her performance as a bridezilla, viewers aren’t convinced this will be a successful match.

Fans see Gil as laid back and the life of the party, something that Myrla clearly isn’t.

Not only does Myrla have very specific expectations, but she will soon find out that she and Gil also have different attitudes when it comes to spending.

Do you think Mryla and Gil will be a good match?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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