Zack and Michaela on MAFS Season 13: Here’s what to know about the brand new couple

Michaela looks at the view in her wedding dress
Michaela stuns in her wedding gown. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight Season 13 premiere is on the horizon and one of the couples that the experts feel most confident about is Zack and Michaela. 

According to the experts, Zack and Michaela’s intellectual compatibility, ambitiousness, and desire to find their first love makes them a couple that can potentially thrive and last long-term.

Who is Michaela? 

Michaela is a 30-year-old realtor with a big personality and million-dollar smile that is already winning over fans. Michaela hopes that the MAFS experts will find her a “renaissance man” who can both fix a car and bake a cake. 

Michaela also made it clear to the experts that she wants a man who is good-natured with good energy since she too has such a fun, vibrant energy. It’s important for her husband to be loyal, protective, and considerate, describing a protective man as someone who would tug her closer if he thought she was about to be hit by a car. 

Regarding why she’s still single, Michaela isn’t entirely sure, but she did acknowledge that she can be bratty and pouty when she doesn’t get her way and will need her husband to be patient with her. 

In the past, Michaela wasted too much time in relationships that she knew wouldn’t last or had no chance of evolving to the next level. Her last relationship was with a man who didn’t live in Texas and was unwilling to move, so their long-distance relationship eventually came to an end. 

Michaela feels she’s grown a lot as a single woman and has become more tolerant, self-aware, and appreciative of other people. Now that Michaela has become more whole as a person, she’s excited about the prospect of finally sharing her life and activities with a partner, as well as having a man who can help her with maintenance around the house. 

The experts feel Michaela is an exceptional, stylish, and interesting woman who earns a good living as a successful star realtor and has all the components to make a great wife. 

Who is Zack?

Zack is a 27-year-old who has always been drawn to romance. He revealed that he watched a lot of romantic comedies in his past and he’s eager for a fairytale of his own. 

Zack comes from a family with parents who have had a loving and stable marriage for 28 years and set a good example of what marriage should be. Zack loves music and plays piano and hopes to find perfect harmony with his new wife. 

As a successful and good-looking guy, Zack has met plenty of women but he has yet to find “the one.” Zack claims that timing is the reason why he’s remained single, despite moving from Boston to Houston to find a wife and having plans to be married at 25.

Zack doesn’t have many friends that are married and the friends that he does have are shocked that he would participate in Married at First Sight since he’s usually very picky and particular. 

Zack admitted that he has a bad habit of looking for something to not like in the women he’s dating, but as he gets older he’s learned that what you love about someone should overshadow their flaws. 

While Zack has been “infatuated” in past relationships, he has never been in love, and he hopes this process will give him a shot at finding the one. 

Both Zack and Michaela are intellectual and want someone who will be as motivated, smart, and compassionate as they are. The pair feel ready to embark on this journey and appear open to letting the experts advise them along the way, unlike MAFS Season 12 cast member, Chris Williams, who openly disapproves of most of the experts and their track record.

Equally eager for a fairytale love story, Zack and Michaela hope Married at First Sight will finally give them the happily ever after they’ve been searching for.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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