Gil and Myrla on MAFS Season 13: Here’s what to know about the brand new couple

Gil look upward and Myrla reads a book
The experts think Gil and Myrla might be kindred spirits. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight has made plenty of changes since its first season, including getting more inclusive, and MAFS Season 13 will feature one of the most diverse casts the series has ever had.

The experts have hope that Gil and Myrla’s shared ethnic backgrounds and similar upbringings will make them a perfect pair. 

Who is Myrla?

Myrla is a vivacious 34-year-old who is ready to find her husband and cuddle buddy. 

Myrla does a lot of educating and consulting for children and she loves to travel and take stunning photos while on her trips. She’s hoping for a man to finally join her on her adventures around the world. 

Nicknamed the “Picture Perfect Princess”, Myrla is interested in living well and owns a lot of designer clothes. She also jokingly admits to having a self-proclaimed “shopping problem”. 

Myrla’s social life is important to her and she loves to have conversations about the world and politics because it allows her to learn about different perspectives. Myrla also loves to cook and cuddle and is excited to be able to do that with her new husband. 

It’s very important that Myrla marries a tender and understanding man due to her past traumas. Myrla revealed that she grew up in a home with domestic violence and wants to create a home and family life that is far more peaceful than the one she experienced when she was younger. 

While Myrla acknowledges that she still has scars from the domestic violence and food insecurity in her past, she believes that her trauma led her to build a strong conviction to not repeat the cycle and she steers clear from conflict by any means possible. 

Myrla’s biggest fear about marrying a stranger is that she’ll put time and energy into her husband and then he’ll still want to walk away or quit at the end.

Who is Gil?

Gil is a caring and charismatic 35-year-old from Colombia who is passionate about his culture. He loves to salsa dance and, similar to Briana from MAFS Season 12, Gil hopes to find a fun-loving dance partner in his new spouse. 

Gil works as a firefighter, and while he makes significantly less money than Myrla, the experts believe that what he lacks in finances he makes up for in the nobility of his profession.

Both Myrla and Gil find sexual intimacy to be extremely important. Gil hopes his future wife will wow him with her physical attractiveness, pretty smile, and “thunder thighs”. 

More importantly, Gil wants a family and kids and to find his forever love, who he can create valuable memories with. 

The experts believe Gil and Myrla will be a great match and have instant chemistry because they are both family-oriented, Latinx, and highly sexual beings. Gil also has a caring and protective side, and the experts feel he will never show any aggression towards Myrla, which is something she specifically asked for. 

Myrla and Gil both had difficult childhoods and rose above their circumstance to become vibrant and charismatic people. Time will tell if the two will also make a vibrant and charismatic couple.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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