MAFS star Emily Balch claps back at ‘mass manipulator’ Cameron after cheating claims

MAFS stars Cameron Frazer and Emily Balch screenshot
Emily Balch is not happy with Cameron Frazer. Pic credit: Lifetime

Emily Balch is fuming mad at Cameron Frazer for his bombshell revelation about her on the latest Married at First Sight Afterparty episode and now she’s clapping back.

The 29-year-old has her social media posts set to private but we’ve been getting snippets here and there.

After Cameron told the world that she cheated on her husband Brennan Shoykhet, Emily reportedly responded and called him out for being a “mass manipulator.”

Cameron is seemingly on a rampage after watching the season and seeing how he was portrayed by his wife, Clare Kerr.

He was absent for most of the season, but Clare made several appearances on the show after their marriage ended – sharing lots of information with the women.

She was the one who told Emily that Brennan was going out on double dates with Cameron. However, now it’s Cameron’s turn to spill some tea and the women are not happy about that!

Emily Balch claps back at ‘mass manipulator’ Cameron Frazer

At this point, Cameron has nothing to lose and he’s become a bit of a loose cannon.

However, he’s not only taking aim at his ex, Clare, for trying to manipulate him all season, but he seems pretty upset with the other women for how they treated their husbands.

He recently had a tense interaction with Becca Haley on the latest MAFS Afterparty episode after he told the audience that Emily was a cheater.

However, @mafsfan shared a screenshot from Emily’s Instagram Story where she clapped back at Cameron.

“1) Oh the tweedles conspiring together again & mass manipulator Cam is trying to use @clare… narrative as his own,” she wrote, adding “#classiccam.”

Emily also addressed the cheating claims in her post, after her friend, Becca confirmed during her appearance on the MAFS Afterparty that the blond beauty did kiss an Australian guy at a bar once things went awry with Brennan.

Emily noted her cheating situation is no comparison to what her husband did.

“2) me ‘cheating’ vs. Brennan’s cheating example(ssss) not an 🍏🍎 sitch,” reasoned Emily, who added, “wait until you find out which #friend told Brennan about this one!”

MAFSFAN Instagram Story
Emily Balch claps back at Instagram. Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

Emily slams MAFS Afterparty host Keisha Knight Pulliam

Cameron wasn’t the only person subject to Emily’s wrath in the Instagram Story, she also blasted MAFS Afterparty host, Keisha Knight Pulliam.

Monsters and Critics reported on a tense interaction between Emily and Keisha when the MAFS star appeared as a guest on the show in January. However, Emily is still not a fan of the actress.

This time she accused the host of “silencing us women and gaslighting us on national tv about us being gas lit.”

“I’m back to being absolutely disgusted #womenshouldsupportwomen,” she added.

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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3 months ago

Liked all the couples, thought they matched them well. About Keisha, what she did was ask Emily to let her finish talking. Emily has a thing of talking over people n sometimes it’s hard for others to get their say, she did it a lot on the show, n it was obvious that when they all got together n the any one of the girls were mad, they all seem to come for the guys, which should have been handled differently, we know you all share the mafs experience together, but if you had of called the Counselors as much as you talked to each other, maybe the marriages could have been saved. Just saying, Real Talk, Marriage takes Work n Commitment, people say their ready, their actions say different . ♥️🙏🏽