MAFS Afterparty surprise: Cast confirms Emily cheated on Brennan during their marriage

MAFS star Emily Balch screenshot
Did Emily Balch cheat on her husband? Pic credit: Lifetime

People have been complaining about the current season being a snoozefest, but that’s because the real drama is usually on the Married at First Sight Afterparty.

The latest episode was one for the books as we learned a shocking bit of information.

Cameron Frazer was a guest on the show, and he dropped a bombshell about Emily Balch.

He claimed the 29-year-old cheated on her, husband Brennan Shoykhet during their marriage.

Emily’s BFF, Becca Haley was also a guest on the show, and she was visibly annoyed with Cameron for dropping that bombshell.

However, she confirmed that something happened between Emily and a mystery man during a night out.

Cameron Frazer drops a shocker about Emily Balch cheating on her husband

Cameron is officially done with being silenced and during his appearance on MAFS Afterparty, he didn’t hold back.

The MAFS star spilled a lot of tea about his estranged wife Clare Kerr’s behavior behind the scenes, but it was his comment about Emily and Brennan that had us gagging.

He casually dropped the shocker while explaining why he was trying to convince Clare not to stir the pot between Emily and Brennan.

“Do you really want the whole thing of Emily cheating just being litigated over and over again– because I think that’s where Brennan’s gonna go,” exclaimed Cameron. “Turns out Brennan didn’t go there.”

Afterparty host, Keisha Knight Pulliam was visibly shocked as she asked, “Emily cheated during the marriage?”

“Yeah, on Brennan” confirmed Cameron, who noted that her bestie, Becca knew all about it.

“She saw on his iPad that there were girls messaging him on Instagram and all of this stuff,” explained Becca. “She gets angry, and she goes out one night and there’s an Australian guy flirting with her, and she did make out with this Australian guy.”

When Keisha pointed out that Emily was still married, Becca responded, “Yeah it’s nothing to be excused.”

MAFS viewers applaud Cameron for spilling the tea

MAFS Afterparty viewers were lapping up the tea that Cameron spilled and they applauded him on X.

“Love how Cameron is not biting his tongue on afterparty and how he is shutting Becca tf up because she know that they were all full of 💩 but blaming the men for everything,” wrote one commenter who added a funny GIF on X.

“Cameron said the gloves are off! He’s spilling all the beans! #MAFS,” said someone else.

Meanwhile, one viewer noted that Cameron’s revelation added clarity on why Brennan lost interest in his wife.

“Ok, now we know why Brennan was totally done with Emily. Ok, got it. #MAFS,” wrote the commenter.

Are you shocked to find out that Emily cheated on Brennan? Does this change your opinion of her?

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 month ago

Glad it came out about Emily she was just a user and Clare was a “pot stirrer” she liked causing upset since her marriage didn’t work she didn’t want any of them to work ! I think Becca & Austin would have had a chance if she didn’t have Clare and Emily in her ear with crap ! I believe Austin that the group met up just not him with the producer ! I am praying that Michael & Chloe stay together I see a future there !

1 month ago
Reply to  dehwr

I think Emily thinks everyone wants to be her and she is a very negative person. At one of the After Party’s Keshi and other members had to put Emily in her place more than one and it was all negative that was coming out of her mouth.

Lucy Coletta
Lucy Coletta
1 month ago

No I knew from the beginning she was full of it

1 month ago

Since when does showing affection have to be one sided? All these women talk about is getting affection from their men, yet I don’t see them stepping up to the plate and showing any. This was obvious from Clare and Cameron on the honeymoon and the other girls even told Clare she needed to lay her hand over on his leg, or hold his hand. She did it after they told her but it only lasted for one day. Even when he brought her the enormous bouquet she wasn’t affectionate towards him. Same thing about who was attracted to who and even though Clare was SAYING Cameron was not attracted to her, he was saying how lucky he was to get someone so smart AND beautiful. Yet, you never heard that come out of her mouth about him. She did say how smart he was to have his own successful business. But it was also revealed she was the one that was not attacted to him.

29 days ago

What took Emily so long

28 days ago

I’m done watching MAFS after this season. I made up my mind several seasons ago, that when no couples stay married, I’m done watching it. There seems to be a lot of actors on the show and not people truly looking for marriage.