Tensions rise between Cameron and Becca during the MAFS Afterparty

MAFS stars Cameron Frazer and Becca Haley screenshot
Cameron Frazer faces off with Becca Haley. Pic credit: Lifetime

The tension was thicker than a snicker during the latest Married at First Sight Afterparty between Cameron Frazer and Becca Haley.

Cameron went into the show determined to get a few things off his chest and didn’t paint his ex Clare Kerr in a positive light.

However, Becca wasn’t going to sit by and let him disparage her friend with claims she tried to manipulate him behind the scenes.

Becca hit back at Cameron about the shady things that Clare revealed about his behavior.

Cameron was armed with receipts and fans applauded him for exposing everything that went on during his rocky marriage.

Becca wasn’t amused and she defended Clare during the tense exchange.

Cameron Frazer has a tense interaction with Becca Haley during the MAFS Afterparty

During the MAFS Afterparty, Cameron said he and Clare had an agreement, from day one, about what they would and wouldn’t say on Camera.

“She’s telling me a lot of things that, they were guaranteed to end the marriage. Her exact words were, ‘You can kiss me but I’m not gonna like it,'” revealed Cameron. “I took that to mean she wasn’t attracted to me.”

That’s when Becca interjected with a cryptic, “You know the truth. You know what has happened.”

She continued, “You know the ways that you were texting her. You know the conversations that were happening. And you have to live with that. And you have to sleep with that every single night.”

Becca also said that she could read some of the incriminating text messages Cameron sent to Clare and told her to “act cold on camera…act a certain way… do certain things.”

“She went along with your plan,” added the 31-year-old.

However, Cameron teased that his words were taken out of context, snarkily adding, “Unfortunately for Becca, I have all the text messages not out of context.”

MAFS fans side with Cameron after he spills all the tea

After the clip was posted online, people had much to say about all the tea spilled during the MAFS Afterparty.

“This was better than the whole season! Some hot tea went on behind the scenes,” noted one viewer.

“Bravo Cameron… loved the way he handled the text messages convo. Clair acted like she was in everybody’s marriage and knew all their truths😱,” wrote someone else.

“Why is Becca inserting herself into Cameron and Clare’s marriage,” one commenter asked. “This has been the problem with this whole season with some of the women.”

MAFS viewers dish about the latest Afterparty episode
MAFS fans weigh in. Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

Someone else wrote, “Mvp of the season….. Cams phone with receipts. 😍.”

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Peggy Holloway
Peggy Holloway
1 month ago

I really like this show, when it first started coming on, it seems like most were into in staying married, but now the guys don’t seem sincere. I don’t know why they even get married in the first place unless it’s to go on trips.