MAFS fans are Team Cameron after his shady response to Clare on Decision Day

MAFS couple Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer screenshot
Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer chose to get divorced on Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr were the most confusing couple on the show this season, and if you’ve been tuning in you’ll understand why.

They called it quits after a few weeks of marriage, as Clare indicated she was not attracted to her husband – who then developed a heart condition after their split.

Clare, riddled with guilt, wanted to jump in and support Cameron during the health scare, but he wanted a clean break.

Interestingly though, after being MIA from several cast events, — Michael and Chloe’s wedding and the cast getaway — to avoid Clare, he appeared in Episode 19.

Cameron confided in Brennan and told him that if Clare wanted to try and make their marriage work, he would say yes on Decision Day.

However, something must have transpired since then because not only did he opt to end their marriage, but he also put her in the friend zone, and claimed he no longer had any attraction for her and saw her as a sister – ouch!

The shady comment had fans cheering for Cameron on social media.

MAFS viewers are Team Cameron all the way

Clare hasn’t left the best impression on viewers so when Cameron chose to get divorced on Decision Day, it wasn’t surprising that MAFS fans were on his side.

“Cameron shouldn’t have taken ANY responsibility for the failed relationship! Claire rejected him from the get go! He tried his best and she just walked all over him…” wrote one commenter on X.

MAFS comment on X
A MAFS fan weighs in. Pic credit: @Crizzeve8/X

“I am so glad Cameron put Clare on blast. She has a lot of nerve, especially being a therapist, to subject him to her reindeer games. He finally noped TF out for real,” wrote someone else.

One viewer wrote, “Good for u Cameron. I was wondering when u would stand up for urself. Claire is not slick & hasn’t been since jump. She didn’t like u & did everything she could to make u say no so she wouldn’t have to!”

MAFS comment on X
A MAFS fan cheers on Cameron. Pic credit: @MzSCT/Instagram

Another person mentioned the shady moment Cameron said Clare was like a sister to him and posted a GIF that said, “Ow.”

What’s next for MAFS Season 17?

Three couples showed up for the Decision Day episode, and only one said yes to staying married – Becca Haley and Austin Reed.

Orion Martzloff requested a divorce from Lauren Good early into the season, so that decision was made months ago.

However, another couple didn’t show up on Decision Day — Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown — and married late into the season.

Their Decision Day will likely play out on March 13, in Episode 21, titled, Climbing Down from Decision Day, and with mixed reviews about the new couple, we’re eager to find out if they’ll stay married or get divorced.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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