MAFS Season 14 villain Alyssa Ellman teases her new man

MAFS star Alyssa Ellman screenshot
MAFS villain Alyssa Ellman is dating a new man. Pic credit: Lifetime

Alyssa Ellman made it very obvious that she had zero interest in her husband Chris Collette when the experts matched them on Married at First Sight.

However, the Season 14 villain has finally found a man that’s more her speed and she recently showed him off on social media.

It was more of a soft launch as Alyssa teased her new beau in videos and photos from their weekend escapades.

It’s hard to forget Alyssa, who quickly became one of the most hated cast members in the show’s history due to her horrid treatment of her husband, Chris.

The nightmare started on their wedding day and sadly it only got worse from there.

The couple’s honeymoon was an absolute disaster with Alyssa refusing to spend time with Chris.

Despite declaring that she wasn’t attracted to him, she still wanted to reap the benefits of being on the show – even trying to broker a deal for them to move into the apartment and share the space, just not as man and wife.

That’s when Chris’ patience ran out and he promptly alerted the experts and told them he wanted to end the marriage.

While Alyssa didn’t leave the show with the dream husband she had hoped for, at least she cemented her place as a memorable MAFS villain.

Alyssa Ellman from MAFS Season 14 teases her new man

Alyssa spent some quality time with her new man over the weekend. She also gave her 17,000 Instagram followers a little glimpse of her beau.

It seems the lovebirds took in a concert as the MAFS star posted a video that showed them rocking armbands as they walked to the venue.

Alyssa rocked her popular cowgirl ensemble while her boyfriend wore jeans and cowboy boots.

The pair held hands, but that’s all we saw of the mystery man as Alyssa ensured most of his body and face out of the camera.

Before the concert, the duo spent the day at the beach, and this romance must be serious because the couple rocked matching beachwear.

The photo showed Alyssa in a tropical print bikini and oversized sunglasses, while her boyfriend sat behind her in matching beach shorts.

Once again we didn’t see his face, just his lower body.

Who has Alyssa Ellman dated since her time on MAFS?

This is the first time since her embarrassing Season 14 debut that Alyssa has gone public with anyone.

At one point, she had a flirty situation with Season 13 alum Ryan Ignasiak, but that quickly fizzled.

Now the MAFS star has found a new man and it seems this one’s a keeper. Here’s hoping her camera-shy beau will make his full debut soon.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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