What happened to MAFS Season 14 villain Alyssa Ellman?

MAFS alum Alyssa Ellman screenshot
Where is MAFS alum Alyssa Ellman? Pic credit: Lifetime

If there’s one thing Alyssa Ellman wanted viewers to know about her, it’s that she was a “good person” despite her poor treatment of her husband, Chris Collette.

The Boston cast was one for the books as Alyssa quickly became the Season 14 villain, angering fans with her behavior.

It started to go downhill from day one when the pair met at the altar and tied the knot as strangers.

Chris was happy with his bride, but Alyssa was not impressed with her groom, and she didn’t hide it.

Things got really bad on the honeymoon when the Texas native made it known that she had no desire to spend any time with her husband, opting either to hang out by herself or with her castmates.

After a few episodes, it became obvious that Alyssa was dragging things out just to stay on the show, and fans bashed her as she continued to mistreat the kind-hearted realtor.

Chris finally put an end to the charade, and after barely two weeks of being married, he requested a divorce.

We are happy to report that Chris is now in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Emily, but where is Alyssa today?

Where is MAFS Season 14 villain Alyssa Ellman?

Alyssa went private on Instagram due to the onslaught of negative comments from viewers, but we have an update on the Season 14 villain.

The brunette beauty didn’t miss a beat after her time on the show, and she’s been living her best life in Texas.

She has remained friends with former castmate Noi Phomassak, who was also unlucky in love during the Boston season.

She also has a busy social life that includes lots of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, fishing, boat rides, rodeo visits, and ATVing, just to name a few.

MAFS star Alyssa Ellman Instagram post
Alyssa Ellman enjoys a day outdoors. Pic credit: @alyssa_rescues/Instagram

As for her personal life, at one point, the 33-year-old was getting flirty with another alum, Ryan Ignasiak and the pair even went on a bowling date in the MAFS: Where Are They Now Special.

However, that fizzled out real quick because there was nothing on her social media to indicate that she was still dating Ryan or anyone else for that matter.

Alyssa dedicates her life to rescuing animals

Alyssa didn’t impress MAFS viewers, but she’s a good person when it comes to animals.

The MAFS alum has a passion for animals and dedicates her time to helping them while encouraging others to rescue, foster, and adopt.

She owns a gorgeous pitbull named Penelope, whom she rescued over a decade ago, and it sparked her interest in becoming a dog rescuer.

Alyssa celebrated Penelope’s rescue birthday in July of 2023, writing, “You are the best hippo, land shark, baby seal a girl could ask for.”

MAFS star Alyssa Ellman Instagram post
Alyssa Ellman celebrates her dog’s rescue day. Pic credit: @alyssa_rescues/Instagram

“I love getting to see you enjoy this amazing life we have in Texas. Happy 12th rescue birthday Penelope. I love you to the moon & back 🤍,” she added.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Sandi Gibson
Sandi Gibson
2 months ago

LOL!! She mustve forgotten that she is allergic to dogs. She was the worst cast member on MAFS,.and remains a tie with the scumbag Chris, who continues to scam people.

1 month ago

She is the worse! She treated her husband &frankly everyone else like crap. She isn’t a good person no matter how much she tries to convince you otherwise.