MAFS Season 11 update: What happened to Brett and Olivia?

MAFS stars Brett Lindsey and Olivia Cornu screenshot
What happened to Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey? Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 11 of Married at First Sight was one to remember. It gave us lovebirds Woody Randall and Amani Aliyya, but this isn’t about them.

Today we’re discussing one couple who didn’t have the same success, Brett Lindsey and Olivia Cornu.

Monsters and Critics provided an update on the now-divorced pair in 2021, but there have been some new developments since then.

It’s still puzzling why the experts matched these singles as they had nothing much in common. They were both born and raised in New Orleans, and they loved animals, but that’s where the similarities ended.

Olivia wanted to travel and live a great life with her husband – no kids included. However, Brett was on a budget and wanted to save his coins for more important things, like having kids in the future.

While Olivia tried to make the marriage work, Brett quickly checked out. Eventually, he packed his bags and left their shared apartment– grabbing all the food he could stuff in his gym bags while his wife was at work.

The shady behavior was the last straw for Olivia, who had already grown frustrated with his unkind remarks and cutting sarcasm.

Unsurprisingly, the pair opted to end their misery and get a divorce before Decision Day. But what’s going on with Brett and Lindsey today?

MAFS star Brett Lindsey went Instagram official with his new girlfriend

After failing to find love in his home city, the New Orleans native moved to Fort Lauderdale, and it turned out to be a great decision, at least where his love life is concerned.

At one point, Brett was dating a woman named Brittany Sleeter, but that’s over now.

In November 2023, the 38-year-old went Instagram official with his new girlfriend, telling his followers, “This is Jill. She’s the best.”

Meanwhile, Jill hard-launched their romance on her Instagram page a month prior.

In October, she posted a happy photo and wrote, “Never imagined I’d fall for a Swiftie #hardlaunch #jetfuel #taylorswift.”

Jill is an anesthesiologist at the Shands Hospital at The University of Florida.

As far as we know, Brett is still in IT, and when he’s not working or spending time with Jill, he’s playing kickball with his crew, hanging out with his dog Josie, or spending time with his adorable cats.

Olivia Cornu has a busy job and an active social life

Since her time on the show, Olivia has been working hard and spending time with family and friends.

The ICU nurse practitioner works at the Tulane Medical Center, and when she’s not busy saving lives, the MAFS star is at the beach with her dog.

In October 2022, she completed training for a marathon, and in December, she proudly completed a full marathon.

She also enjoyed Mardi Gras with her friends earlier that year and took a trip to the Grand Canyon.

As for Olivia’s personal life, it’s hard to tell if she’s dating anyone special as she hasn’t shared any of that on Instagram.

Olivia seems happier than ever, whether she’s single or in a relationship.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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