Married at First Sight New Orleans: Where are they now?

The Married at First Sight New Orleans crew at the reunion. Pic credit: TLC

The Married at First Sight season based in New Orleans boasted a higher success rate than most seasons. Due to the unprecedented events of the pandemic, production completely shut down and the normal 8-week experiment almost doubled in length.

While some couples used the extra time to connect, others fell short and left mid-way through the experiment.

Out of the five matches, three choose to stay married.

But what have the participants been up to since Decision Day?

Woody and Amani

No surprise here, this couple is still going strong.

Amani asked for a partner that was close with his family and the experts hit it on the head with Woody. The couple recently took to Chicago to celebrate the holidays with Woody’s family.


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While Woody is active on Instagram, most of the photography credits on his feed belong to his beautiful wife Amani.

They recently got ‘tore up’ with best friends/castmates Karen and Miles for Woody’s 3oth birthday party. Revealing that they live steps away from each other, it’s clear the good times and double dates are continuing with these New Orleans couples.

Miles and Karen


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Maybe slow and steady does win the race – Miles and Karen look happier than ever since leaving the Lifetime show. Participating in the longest MAFS experiment in franchise history, the couple had the extra time they needed to build trust and connect on a deeper level.

Miles made it no secret that Karen’s cooking was the way to his heart. Karen regularly posts her various recipes on Instagram with her MAFS husband being her lucky taste tester.

Pic Credit: @themileswill/Instagram

Bennett and Amelia

Bennett and Amelia made history being the first couple in franchise history to have met before the wedding.

From Amelia walking down the aisle with a bird in her hair, to him going to sleep in a nightgown – both parties were unapologetically themselves and it worked.

Although they had instant chemistry, their biggest obstacle was Amelia’s upcoming move to Virginia for her medical residency. However, being the great couple they are, Bennett agreed to split his time between Virginia and New Orleans.

Both Amelia and Bennett aren’t the most social media inclined people and fans questioned why Bennett hadn’t posted any photos of his wife since leaving the show.

Pic Credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

Bennett cleared things up and let fans know he was working on a few projects from his tiny house in New Orleans.

Since then, Bennett has posted a lovely face swap with his wife, proving that there isn’t trouble in paradise with him and Amelia.


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Brett and Olivia

Although they connected over cats, Brett and Olivia clashed over major marriage topics such as finances and children. While Olivia wanted to travel and enjoy life, Brett couldn’t get past his nurse practitioner wife making more money than him.

The couple left mid-experiment and it was clear that the couple were going to part ways on Decision Day.

Since then, word around town is that Brett already has a new girlfriend. Making the announcement around Halloween, the couple even got together with MAFS co-star Bennett.


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Olivia has been keeping MAFS fans entertained by trolling them with her photos with fellow MAFS divorcee Henry.

It’s no secret that fans felt they should’ve been matched instead. 


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Henry and Christina

This match looked good on paper but it wasn’t long until viewers watched their marriage unravel in front of our eyes.

The experts thought that Christina’s sassy personality would bring reserved Henry out of his shell. Instead, he found her impatient and she was forever waiting for him to make a move.

The season ended with Christina accusing Henry of having an affair with a man. It’s easy to see why this couple chose to separate on Decision Day.

Since the separation, Christina has disappeared from social media.

As for Henry, when he’s not trolling fans on Instagram with Olivia, who would’ve thought the reserved gentleman was a songwriter? He shared his MAFS experience-inspired lyrics with his Instagram followers.


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Season 12 is set to air in January featuring the city of Atlanta.

Will you be tuning in for the next season?

Married at First Sight Atlanta returns in January 2021 on Lifetime.

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