Where are Brett and Olivia from Married at First Sight Season 11 now?

Brett and Olivia pose with a smile on their wedding day
Brett and Olivia prepare to embark on a difficult journey together. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 11 of Married at First Sight was one of the more successful seasons. Three of the five couples remained married and are still married to this day.

In fact, many fans consider MAFS Season 11 stars, Woody and Amani, to be the best couple that has ever been matched in the history of the series. Woody and Amani, along with Miles and Karen, continue to share their lives and their love story on Married at First Sight: Couples Cam. 

As successful as the season was, there were also some major let downs with two couples. One of those couples was Brett and Olivia, whose marriage fell apart before Decision Day arrived. 

Brett and Olivia have very few values in common

Candidates interested in signing up for Married at First Sight go through an extensive vetting process where the experts try and learn as much as they can about every single person’s values and wants from a marriage. 

With such a thorough interview process, it was surprising to see Brett and Olivia matched when they disagreed on so many key elements of marriage and had such polar opposite personalities. 

Brett wanted children and Olivia was unsure if she’d ever want kids. Olivia viewed money as something to be spent and Brett viewed money as something to always save. These major issues, among other disagreements, caused a huge wedge in their relationship.

While the two felt attracted to each other on the wedding day and were thrilled to learn that they both loved cats, they did not have similar communication styles which led to plenty of arguments.

On the honeymoon, Brett became very upset when overhearing Olivia rank their marriage and he shut down, leading to their first fight.

Olivia also made more money than Brett and wanted them to go on expensive trips and dates as a couple. Brett basically told Olivia she’d have to do those things on her own since he couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to waste his money when he could save it for retirement. 

Brett was known for being sarcastic as a defense mechanism and he’d often make snide, dismissive comments towards Olivia that continued to divide them and affect their intimacy. Olivia was turned off by Brett’s smug and hurtful communication so she was less affectionate, which bothered Brett. 

Overtime both Brett and Olivia felt neglected in the relationship and Brett moved out of the apartment without even telling Olivia. Olivia came home to an empty apartment with the food gone too, which was a particularly selfish move from Brett considering they were in the middle of a pandemic. 

Brett seemed mostly unapologetic for abandoning Olivia. After everything they’d been through, the couple came to the realization that the marriage was no longer going to work and they agreed to get a divorce before Decision Day. 

Olivia also learned that Brett had been uncomfortably flirtatious with one of the women during his bachelor party and, after getting to know Brett’s character, she didn’t find his inappropriate actions too surprising. 

Where are Brett and Olivia now? 

Brett appears to have embraced his poor reputation on the show by calling himself a “Reality TV Martyr. Villain Extraordinaire.” in his Instagram bio. 

It’s clear that Brett still has a sarcastic sense of humor but he does appear to have softened his heart towards a new woman. 

Brett is currently in a serious relationship with a woman named Brittany. He shares tons of photos of the two cuddled up and enjoying fun activities together. 

Brett’s love for cats is also still very evident. 

Olivia is also still an avid animal lover and appears to be a dog person as well as a cat lover. She does not seem to be in a new relationship and enjoys sharing photos with her adorable pup and her friends, including the friends she has made from Married at First Sight. 

After the show, Olivia got fans talking when she posted a cast photo with her arms around fellow MAFS Season 11 costar Henry Rodriguez. Woody and Amani were also in the photo, along with Miles and Karen, but Henry and Olivia were the only divorced individuals in the picture. 

During the show, fans had already expressed thinking Olivia and Henry would have been more compatible as a couple and so seeing Henry and Olivia together after the show left fans hoping the two divorcees would date each other. However, it does not appear that the two are officially dating.

Brett and Olivia didn’t get a spouse out of their time on Married at First Sight but since going their separate ways, the ex-couple has still found joy and connection through family, friends, and fur babies. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 year ago

I agree with Brett that wives are not to be rated. Maybe a meal or something less complex. I wish he had answered with humor because he seemed abrasive instead of thoughtful. Also Olivia got too much of a pass for being selfish and greedy.

7 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Olivia was not selfish or greedy, she was on the show for the right reason! Brett was a snide, sarcastic, wanna be…He didn’t deserve someone as lovely as Olivia!