MAFS alum Kate Sisk responds to Dr. Viviana defending the casting of Chris Williams

If anyone can relate to the situation of current bride Paige Banks, it’s Married at First Sight alum Kate Sisk. Pic credit: Lifetime

While fans watch Married at First Sight to see successful arranged marriages, it’s the demise of one that has most viewers talking.

The latest season based in Atlanta is proving to be dramatic with the latest bombshell of a pregnant ex-fiancee. However, since Chris’s engagement was so recent, fans are asking why didn’t see the experts see this as a red flag?

Dr. Viviana defended the casting of Chris Williams’

When Chris Williams revealed he was looking for a “submissive freak” on the matchmaking special, fans were already warning Paige to run for the hills. After the two finally met, it was clear that Chris wasn’t the partner Paige signed up for.

The pairing of Chris and Paige has received a lot of backlash, causing all 3 resident experts on the show to speak out.

Dr. Viviana Coles recently took to an Instagram live to address fans on the current season.

“Don’t stress so much about it. I mean like yes, they are real people. Yes, um some of these things that you are seeing are shocking for sure, believe me I’m there too,” she says while getting ready. “But like, people are freaking out.”

MAFS alum Kate Sisk speaks out

MAFS alum Kate Sisk had a lot to say about Dr. Viviana’s recent response to the current season.

If anyone knows what it’s like to be in Paige’s position, it’s Kate Sisk from the experiment based in Philadelphia.

“She says ‘Don’t stress? chill out?’ WOW. So we witness abuse on this show and now they’re telling fans to stop talking about it. Fans are not overreacting. These are real people,” Kate wrote under the post.

Pic credit: @mafstan/Instagram

Referring to her past experience with fellow most hated husband Luke Cuccurullo, she gave some insight into what that time was like. “Yeah..producers used to ask me if I felt ‘safe’ before they left me with him for the night…I said yes but I realize now that they should never have to ask me that about a husband they chose for me.”

Chris has gotten reactions from previous brides on the show, from Jamie Otis to Mindy Shiben. It’s clear they’re not a fan of the latest husband to join the franchise.

Do you think fans are overreacting or should the experts have seen a recent engagement as a red flag?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

Get Paige a way out of this and get rid of Chris. I love Paige, but she was given the worse match ever.