MAFS alum Mindy Shiben blasts new husband Chris Williams, says she was ‘triggered’

Married at First Sight alum Mindy Shiben responds to the latest season. Pic credit: Lifetime

The weddings have happened on Married at First Sight and fans have a lot to say about this season’s love matches.

While viewers have hope for some matches, the marriage of Chris Williams and Paige Banks seems doomed from the start.

Fans were not here for Chris’s treatment of Paige

After countless questionnaires and interviews, finance manager Chris and accountant Paige finally met at the aisle. The experts felt they shared a strong spiritual convocation along with being very driven in their professional lives.

Although she got the God-fearing man she wanted, it came with a lot of arrogance and judgment.

The red flags started to show when Chris mentioned his ex more than once in their very first conversation after saying ‘I do’.

Chris admitted his bride had the body of a goddess, but he confessed to producers that he wasn’t 100% attracted to her.

The 27-year-old called Paige the woman he ‘needed” but made it clear that she was not what he wanted. According to Chris, he’s used to dating the ‘real ritzy girls’.

Adding fuel to the fire, he told his new wife’s friends that he doesn’t consider Paige a ‘trophy wife’.

MAFS alum Mindy Shiben speaks out on Chris’s behavior

If there’s anyone that knows something about a bad MAFS husband, it’s Season 10 bride Mindy Shiben.

After the premiere of Chris and Paige’s wedding, she had strong opinions of how she felt about the latest husband to the franchise.

In an Instagram post featuring Paige, she captioned the photo, “Omg I just can’t… Paige is HANDS DOWN BEAUTIFUL!!! #10/10 #marriedatfirstsight #triggered #f**koffchris.”

Mindy knows what it’s like to get matched with someone who ultimately wasn’t ready to get married. On her season, based in Washington D.C, she was matched with a partner who seemed to have only participated for publicity.

After all, you need two people to make a marriage work and it’s impossible if the partner you’re matched with doesn’t take it as serious.

It’s clear Mindy’s not happy with the way Paige was treated on what should’ve been the happiest day of her life.

While Mindy’s experience wasn’t a success story on the show, she doesn’t blame the experts for the failed match.

Responding to the comment section, the ex-ice skating instructor wrote, “If only the experts got to see the future before the matchmaking process. Regardless, I know Dr. V and the other experts are supportive in every way possible.”

Pic credit: @mindy-shiben/Instagram

Dr. Viviana Coles and the other experts have been coming under scrutiny for not seeing the red flags in Chris’s recent engagement.

Do you think the experts should’ve been able to predict Chris’s behavior from his initial interviews?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays 8/7c on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

Yes it was definitely some red flags. The fact he just got out of a engagement..I would ask pastor Cal would you have had reservations if it was his daughter…He’s a pastor and a man so men know how men think..he should have told Chris hes not ready and maybe see in a about a year…I love the show but the success rate in marriages on the show is not high.with that being said I would have wanted Pastor Cal to have not given Chris a benefit of the doubt. Sorry