LPBW spoilers: Caryn Chandler found her dream home, but did Matt Roloff give his stamp of approval?

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler of LPBW
Caryn Chandler found a home she wants to buy, but did her boyfriend Matt Roloff approve? Pic credit: TLC

On tonight’s episode of Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler found a house she wants to buy, but first, she wants to make sure Matt gives it the stamp of approval.

Matt, who considers his grandson Jackson his “hero,” met up with Caryn to look at a house that she found for sale and is interested in buying.

When he arrived, the two walked around the house together, while Caryn pointed out what she liked about the house and what she would change.

Caryn wanted Matt’s stamp of approval

“Matt’s my boyfriend. I’ve been with him for a long time, so I always want his stamp of approval and if he didn’t like it, it would be a little harder to imagine,” Caryn confessed.

As the two sat in the backyard together, Caryn mentioned getting a hot tub and told Matt, “It’s private. We could go in the hot tub nakey.”

“I like that idea,” Matt replied.

Matt told the cameras, “Caryn’s been looking to move into something a little bit bigger than our current townhouse and so, uh, she found a house that she likes in the neighborhood and she wants to bid on it and she’s really excited about it, and so she wanted to show it to me before she, you know, moves forward.”

Caryn told Matt that the house checked just about all of her boxes, as far as everything she was looking for in a home.

As they walked through the kitchen, Caryn noted that although it was not what she dreamed of, it was bigger than her current kitchen and wouldn’t have to be remodeled.

“So it probably seems weird that I’m buying a house when Matt is in the midst of, you know, potentially building his dream home and wants me to live there with him, but I know how long that takes, and sometimes when you’re ready for a change, you don’t want to be waiting,” Caryn explained during a solo confessional.

Matt mentioned earlier this year that he was ready to embark on his latest project: building his dream home on the farm.

Matt found one big obstacle in the house

When it came time to show Matt the upstairs, he was a bit hesitant, as there were lots of steps. Matt struggles with stairs, given his physical limitations due to his dwarfism, and uses crutches to walk.

Caryn pointed out that there were two landings where Matt could stop and rest halfway on his trek upstairs.

“I would have preferred her to get a single story. There’s no doubt about that,” Matt said during his and Caryn’s interview.

Caryn, who was living her best life with Matt over the weekend, also admitted that she wanted a single story, but there weren’t any on the market.

Matt joked about the stairs being an obstacle

Matt joked about having trouble getting up the stairs to Caryn’s bedroom on the top floor. “Then talk about saying, ‘Hey, you can come over my house, but you’re not invited up to my room,'” Matt joked as he and Caryn laughed.

However, Matt appreciated that Caryn forced him to go up the stairs. He said it forced him to climb the stairs, then joked that hopefully Caryn would have some motivation waiting for him at the top.

“Like you in a bathrobe,” Matt said jokingly to Caryn, as his suggested motivation to climb the stairs.

Caryn values Matt’s opinion

Back in the house, Caryn told Matt that she wanted his honest opinion on the house because his opinion “really matters” to her.

Matt told Caryn, “You’re good at getting a place that’s a diamond in the rough and you know, making it… making it amazing.”

“I like it. I think it’s got good bones and good mojo, good energy. And you’re excited about it,” Matt said.

When Caryn told Matt that other offers were coming in on the house, he agreed that she should bid on it.

“Well, I would say go for it then, because you’re… if it’s meant to happen, it will fall in place,” Matt said.

Despite the stairs that Matt saw as a challenge, he ultimately wanted Caryn to be happy and overlooked his own inconveniences to accommodate his girlfriend.

Fans can catch more sweet moments between the rest of the Roloffs on an all-new episode, airing tonight.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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