LPBW: Awkward tension arises between Zach Roloff and dad Matt: ‘You’ve dictated too much for too long’

LPBW stars Matt and Zach Roloff
Matt and Zach Roloff butt heads during Season 23 of LPBW. Pic credit: TLC

The premiere of Season 23 of Little People, Big World is just around the corner and a new preview clip shows the awkward tension between Zach and Matt Roloff after farm negotiations fall through.

This season of LPBW promises plenty of ups and downs, featuring a “new and very different chapter” in the Roloffs’ lives.

A newly released clip from Season 23 shows the thorny interaction between Zach and his wife Tori Roloff when they meet up with Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

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LPBW Season 23: Matt and Zach Roloff butt heads over Roloff Farms purchase negotiations

“After failed negotiations drove a wedge between the family, Zach and Tori return to the farm with some big news. Don’t miss the season premiere of #LPBW, next Tuesday at 9/8c,” reads the caption on TLC’s Instagram post, where they shared the preview clip.

The clip begins with text that reads, “Several weeks before production began, Zach and Tori made an offer to buy the north side of the farm.” LPBW fans will remember that Amy sold her portion of the farm after she and Matt divorced.

Matt told the cameras, “When Zach and I finally sat down, we were really in very different camps about what kind of a deal could go on.”

Zach appears next for a solo confessional and reveals, “He’s looking for a situation that he can control. Like, this… you’re not dictating the terms here, you now? You’ve dictated too much for too long.”

“Zach came in real hot, you know? He didn’t come in to negotiate, you know? He came in to demand,” Matt divulged.

Zach and Tori’s son Jackson breaks the news they’re moving out of Oregon

Next, the screen reads, “Negotiations quickly fell apart,” and Zach continues to explain, “Tori and me, as adults, can’t put ourselves in a toxic situation like that. It’s unhealthy.”

When Caryn joins Matt for a confessional, she reveals that Zach and Tori told her and Matt they wouldn’t be able to see their kids, Jackson and Lilah, and said they threatened to stop bringing them to the farm, admitting it made her feel “sad and confused.”

The scene then cuts to Tori and Zach showing up at the farm with the kids in tow, as they awkwardly greet Caryn. A quick “Hey” was all that was exchanged.

Tori and Zach had a purpose for their visit: to tell Matt and Caryn they were moving to Battle Ground, Washington. But, rather than telling Matt themselves, Zach employed 4-year-old Jackson to deliver the news.

Matt got a laugh out of Jackson’s announcement, but Caryn found it odd. “That’s weird. I mean, who the f**k does that?” Caryn asked during a confessional with Matt, who chuckled at her reaction.

Be sure to tune in next week for the Season 23 premiere of LPBW and find out what other drama unfolds for the Roloffs this season.

Little People, Big World returns for Season 23 on Tuesday, May 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

matt is not a nice person, never has been.

1 year ago

Battle Ground Washington is a nice small town and is only approximately 44 miles from the Roloff Farm in Hillsboro. If Matt wants to keep the farm in the family like he says, he will have to loosen his grip and work with Zach to make it happen. Zach will have to take a step back and negotiate and not demand.

1 year ago

who the hell is Caryn to chime in? she s
ain’t s**t!!!