Love Island USA’s Josh and Shannon double date with Cinco and Cash

Love Island USA couples
Josh & Shannon and Cinco & Cashay on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

With Love Island USA Season 3 over, fans are watching to see which couples make it and which don’t.

In the last couple of weeks, Jeremy Hershberg broke up with Bailey Marshall. He then ended up reuniting with Florita Diaz.

Alana Paolucci just broke things off with Charlie Lynch when he reportedly wouldn’t stop partying with other girls.

However, two of the most beloved couples in the season didn’t even make it to the finale. Those two couples are still together and went on a double date this past weekend.

Josh & Shannon and Cash & Cinco remain together outside the villa

Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair self-eliminated from Love Island USA Season 3.

While favored to win at one point, Josh’s sister Lindsey Goldstein passed away unexpectedly and Shannon agreed to leave with him to support him as he returned to be with his family.

They are still together and are even planning on getting a place to live together, possibly in Florida.

Cinco Holland broke Trina Njoroge‘s heart in the villa when he chose to return to Cashay Proudfoot. However, Cash dumped him and stuck with Charlie Lynch.

However, when Charlie chose to move on to Alana, Cash left the island as well.

What no one expected was Cash would go straight to Cinco and rekindle their relationship outside the villa.

Love Island USA couples go on double date

Now, the four fan favorites are double dating together.

Cinco posted an Instagram Live video that showed him, Josh, Shannon, and Cashay walking down to the ocean together.

After this, he posted a video on his regular Instagram account that showed a TikTok video of the four of them enjoying the boat ride together.

They went on a boat ride through BoatrideNYC and it looked like the two couples had a great time on the excursion.

Josh, Shannon, nor Cashay posted anything on their Instagram accounts about the trip.

Josh did post something on his Instagram Live, which was shared on YouTube.

Cashay paid back the date on the boat with a surprise for Cinco after this. She posted on her Instagram Stories that she took him for a surprise date on a helicopter ride.

Cashay and Cinco on a helicopter ride
Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Meanwhile, Shannon and Josh have remained together since the end of the show, even though they live in different states.

According to Josh, they are looking to the future but taking it slow and not rushing anything.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. You can relive the Season 3 experience on Paramount+ streaming right now.

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