Love Island USA: Who is the last couple standing?

The longest-lasting relationship was a couple that didn’t leave together on the show. Pic Credit: CBS

Last week not only did we see the end of Love Island USA couple Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks but also the separation of season winners Justine Joy and Caleb Corprew.

Ironically, the most solid relationship out of the Villa are two islanders that didn’t even leave together.

If you would’ve asked fans who they thought would still be together months after the show, they probably wouldn’t have said Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott.

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Some would call it toxic

The love story between Connor and Mackenzie didn’t go the typical route on Love Island. Although the two singles coupled up on Day 1, it didn’t stay that way.

Fans called out Mackenzie’s manipulative behavior but equally blamed Connor for his inability to articulate his true feelings.

When it came to flagship relationship test Casa Amor, Mackenzie shocked viewers by re-coupling with new boy Jalen Noble instead of returning to Connor. The risk ended up haunting her as it ultimately sent her home.

Connor re-coupled with 3rd place finisher Moira Tumas but it was obvious his heart wasn’t in it. While leaving the Las Vegas Villa, he was already on a video call with Mackenize, letting her know that he was on his way to her.

Mackenzie and Connor are the last couple left on Love Island

Since leaving the show, the new couple has figured it out as they are more solid than ever.

With Mackenzie in Arizona and Connor in Pittsburg, these islanders are making their long-distance love work. Connor attended her college graduation and has meshed well with her family.

On an Instagram post, Mackenzie writes, “I love this man with all of my heart but long distance relationships? Those are not easy. They take patience and commitment, respect and communication, and most importantly, love.”


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Although they didn’t leave Vegas at the same time, they are the only couple still together of their season.

Mackenzie recently hosted her own NYE reunion with some of the islanders from the previous two seasons.

From Carrington Rodriguez to Kierstan Saulter, a lot of familiar faces made their way on the in-impromptu Youtube reunion.

Do you think Mackenzie and Connor will continue to make their relationship work or are they the next couple on the chopping block?

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus.

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