Love Island USA viewers think production sent Slade home because everyone loves Javonny

Love Island USA viewers think production sent Slade home because everyone loves Javonny
Love Island USA viewers think production sent Slade home because everyone loves Javonny. Pic credit: CBS

On Sunday, Slade Parker and Wes Ogsbury showed up at the Love Island USA villa.

It looked like the recoupling would see fan favorites Javonny and Korey end up sent home based on the flirting between the new guys and the women in the villa.

However, Slade threw a wrench into that idea when he self-eliminated and left Love Island USA almost as quickly as he got there.

Slade Parker leaves Love Island USA

Slade gathered everyone together to break the news to the cast.

According to the Georgia native, he got a message that there was an emergency back home and he had to return to be with his family.

The cast seemed shocked and hugged Slade before he left. It sent a ripple through the villa as they all worried about him and his family.

This also changed things up for Olivia Kaiser, who was looking at coupling with Slade and ended up going back to Javonny Vega.

However, while the Love Island USA cast was shocked and worried about Slade, many fans on social media believe there was something else behind Slade leaving.

Love Island USA fans think production sent Slade home

Slade was only on the island for one day, and it seemed like getting a phone call about an emergency that quickly seemed suspect.

However, he was there for longer than that as he had to remain quarantined until it was time to join the show, so this makes more sense that something could have happened.

With that said, @iwatchsh0ws believed there was something fishy here. They wrote “production making slade leave bc they know we would raise hell if javonny left.”

Since Slade left, it saved Javonny for at least another week.

Other fans weren’t so sure that there wasn’t an emergency, but @01Loveisland wrote that “Slade leaving is sad… but I do have to say I’m a little relieved my boy Javonny isn’t at risk anymore.”

Finally, fans thought that it seemed funny that, as soon as Slade was letting people know he was leaving, Olivia suddenly told Javonny that she was looking to stay with him instead of moving on to Slade.

The best thought is that Slade did have a legitimate family emergency back home and he rushed back to be with them through this.

At the same time, this means Javonny gets to stick around for another week, even though his relationship with Olivia is not as secure as others on Love Island.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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