Love Island USA: Johnny Middlebrooks responds to Tre Forte calling him a ‘game player’

Johnny Middlebrooks on Love Island
Johnny has been accused of ‘playing the game’ on Love Island. Pic credit: CBS

Johnny Middlebrook’s character has come into question multiple times since his time on Love Island USA.

He definitely gave fans something to talk about this season, from dumping his fiance before appearing on the show to his stunts at Casa Amor.

Fans accused him of “playing a game” and faking his feelings for Cely Vazquez to win the $100,000 grand prize. 

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Some of his own castmembers have even gone on to say the same thing.

His castmates are speaking out

Although the point of Love Island is to find a romantic connection, the winning couple is awarded a hefty monetary prize. Early exiters from the island, James McCool and Tre Forte, said they believe Johnny went in the Villa “to play a game.”

While in the Villa, the islanders have no idea what’s going on in the outside world as they are stripped from their phones. James and Tre left early in the season and have done interviews, offering their views while Johnny remains in the Las Vegas Villa, unable to defend his character.

Johnny was taken aback by his cast members’ feedback when they left because they were all on good terms. However, upon leaving the Villa, he’s heard a lot “crazy statements” about who he is as a person.

In an interview with the YouTube channel, After the Island, when asked who Tre thought the fakest couple in the Villa was, he said, “all of them except Connor and Mackenzie.”

He predicted every relationship on the island was bound to fail. He also said Johnny was one of the biggest “game players” in the season.

Johnny said he understands that, like him, Tre is a fierce competitor. From Day 1, they competed in the gym to partner up with Cely. He felt he had a friendship with Tre but, ultimately, feels Tre is acting like a sore loser.

Although Tre tried to throw dirt on his name, Johnny has no ill feelings toward him and would continue to be friends with his Love Island cast member.

He would’ve played the game better

Although he faces constant accusations of playing a game, he admits he would’ve played it better if he was.

He claims if he were “game-playing,” he would’ve made smarter choices. If the money were important to him, he wouldn’t have risked winning with what he did in Casa Amor.

Johnny and Cely partnered up on Day 1 and were definitely a fan favorite.

If it wasn’t for his actions in Casa Amor with LA-based beauty Mercades Schnell, the couple could’ve given Justine and Caleb a run for their money.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus.

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