Love Island USA alumni Alex and Elizabeth reveal who they voted for

The Love Island USA final four couples
The Love Island USA final four couples. Pic credit: CBS

All season long, Love Island USA alumni Alex and Elizabeth have interviewed Islanders after their eliminations, and they revealed who they voted for as the season three winners.

Elizabeth Weber was the winner of Love Island USA’s first season, along with Zac Mirabelli. Alex Stewart was the runner-up in the first season, with Dylan Curry.

Since then, the two started their After the Island podcast and have talked to almost everyone from season three that matters.

In their most recent interview, the two spoke to Jeremy Hershberg and Bailey Marshall and revealed who they voted for.

Who did Elizabeth and Alex vote for in Love Island USA?

Elizabeth and Alex revealed to Jeremy and Bailey that they voted for them.

Alex started off by saying that she showed Elizabeth who she voted for and it was Jeremy and Bailey. After a short pause, Elizabeth admitted that she voted for them as well.

This was a little surprising. In past interviews with some of the eliminated cast members, they seemed to agree that eventual winners Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy were the most obvious.

They seemed in agreement that Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama might have problems, but it seems that they went with Bailey and Jeremy instead.

Part of this might be because they saw how funny Jeremy really was by watching the Paramount+ episodes, something that CBS viewers mostly missed out on during the season.

The second was the fact that Elizabeth said she had a “girl crush” on Bailey before saying that Jeremy was their favorite member of the Season 3 cast.

Jeremy and Bailey on Love Island USA

Jeremy and Bailey were a surprising addition to the finalists of Love Island USA’s Season 3.

Jeremy struggled to find love during the season. He didn’t seem comfortable with Trina Njoroge, was overly aggressive sexually with him in the start. He also drifted away when Aimee Flores seemed to fall too hard for him too quick.

It got to the point where the girls seemed shocked that the boys saved Jeremy when the girls felt he had already given up.

However, it was these same girls that gave up on Javonny Vega too soon, when he could have found love at Casa Amor just days after they booted him from the villa.

Luckily, the boys saved Jeremy and he finally found someone who made him happy.

While Bailey came in looking at Korey Gandy, she ended up with Jeremy and they seemed to be the perfect match, which was enough for Elizabeth and Alex to cast their votes for this couple.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Re-live season three right now on Paramount+.

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