Love Is Blind viewers slam Vanessa Lachey for being ‘biased and distasteful’ on live reunion

Vanessa Lachey
Viewers were not thrilled with Vanessa Lachey’s conversation with Marshall. Pic credit: @vanessalachey/Instagram

Viewers of the Love Is Blind Season 4 reunion surely had a lot to say about some of Vanessa Lachey’s choice words during the live event.

For lovers of the Netflix reality dating show, Sunday night’s live reunion delved into the relationships of this season’s couples — even after technical issues caused the streaming event to be delayed for over an hour.

The tell-all reunion featured the three couples who chose to get married at the altar, as well as Marshall, Micah, Irina, and Paul, the four contestants who did not follow through with their relationships.

The night was hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who have been at the forefront of the series since Season 1.

While the two weren’t particularly involved or featured in the season much, Vanessa had her fair share of jabs during the reunion, which many viewers were quick to point out.

In one situation in particular, however, some fans felt as if Vanessa was wrongfully taking Jackie’s side over Marshall’s.

Jackie, who accepted a proposal from Marshall in the pods, broke up with him by choosing to not show up to her dress fitting during one of the later episodes of the season. Recently leaked texts of Jackie’s showed her telling her friends that Marshall had “sugar in his tank,” insinuating that he was too feminine.

Marshall also admitted to calling Jackie a name he wasn’t exactly proud of during a bit of playful banter off-camera, which he took accountability for at the reunion.

Either way, it was clear that Vanessa wasn’t going to let Marshall off the hook that easy.

Love Is Blind fans slam Vanessa Lachey for her actions on the live reunion

While Jackie was not present for the live reunion, Vanessa sat down with her and Josh the day before for an interview.

Jackie and Josh connected in the pods, and he even attempted to “woo” her mid-season while she was still with Marshall. Jackie and Josh revealed during the reunion that they had started a relationship, which they have now been in for roughly a year.

After airing the pre-recorded interview of the couple, Vanessa asked Marshall for his thoughts on the relationship — where some viewers felt as if she was sticking up for Jackie at the wrong time.

One viewer thought Vanessa’s behavior toward Marshall was “biased and distasteful.”

Others agreed, calling the reality host “bias af.”

“Vanessa is not a host, she can be some kind of after after show personality with what she’s doing but a host? No,” another viewer said. “She is not capable of remaining neutral or not making the topic about herself.”

“Not Vanessa Lachey being so passive aggressive to Marshall but just joking with Jackie and letting her off the hook?” one viewer questioned.

Tweet about Vanessa Lachey
Pic credit: @pennyy_rose/Twitter

Another Twitter user even labeled Vanessa as “the worst host of any show ever,” saying she is “awkward, unfunny, and shows extreme bias.”

While it may not have been Vanessa Lachey’s finest hosting work — as far as fan opinions go — at least viewers were still able to get a real-time update on the couples throughout the night.

Which Love Is Blind Season 4 couples are still together?

Of course, fan-favorite couple Tiffany and Brett showed that they are still going stronger than ever, which was no surprise to see.

The two were the show’s “sure thing” all season, and their mutual choice to go through with the wedding was a clear no brainer for both of them.

When asked about starting a family, the two said that they are surely planning to, but are taking things slow right now. They said they want to truly enjoy each other’s company and travel more before having some Baby Browns.

However, fellow couple Bliss and Zack were quick to say that they are hoping to have kids sooner rather than later.

Zack memorably proposed to Irina in the pods, however, the two realized they had zero connection once they met in person. Zack went on to meet Bliss, who he had also developed feelings for, and the two ended up getting engaged shortly after and saying “I do” to each other on the finale.

Irina was also present for a section of the live reunion, where Zack wasn’t shy to tell her that she was only on the show to get famous. It’s clear there’s still some animosity between the two, although Irina wished him and Bliss well.

Kwame and Chelsea are another couple who are still together, with Chelsea revealing that she had finally met Kwame’s mom, who “welcomed her with open arms.”

Kwame also took the chance to clear up some online rumors that had developed, one being that his sister was a “paid actress” on the show.

As for Paul and Micah, the two were the only couple to not go through with marriage after Paul said “I don’t.”

He cleared up the insult he had made on the show about Micah not being nurturing enough to be a mother, claiming he meant to say that he couldn’t see them having a family together.

While the two did see each other for a bit after their failed wedding, it never amounted to anything.

Love Is Blind: The Live Reunion is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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