Love Is Blind: Jackie Bonds reveals whether she and Josh Demas are still together

Jackie and Josh Love Is Blind Season 4 cast photos
Jackie ended up dating Josh after breaking up with Marshall following their engagement. Pic credit: Netflix

Jackie Bonds discovered during the Love Is Blind experiment that, for her, love wasn’t blind.

Jackie connected with more than one man in the pods — Josh Demas and Marshall Glaze.

Eventually, Marshall won over Jackie’s heart. He proposed to her in the pods, she accepted, and they got engaged sight unseen.

However, it wasn’t smooth sailing when they were thrust into real life. Jackie struggled to find that spark for Marshall, and the two argued more than any of the other couples.

Ultimately, Jackie and Marshall ended things, and not exactly on a good note, either.

Love Is Blind Season 4 viewers watched as Jackie started dating Josh after she and Marshall broke up. Jackie made it clear that she wasn’t ready for marriage yet, but was willing to see where their connection could take their relationship.

Love Is Blind Season 4 contestant Jackie Bonds shares her and Josh Demas’ current relationship status

Now, Jackie is speaking out about the current status of her relationship with Josh.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Will Marfuggi, Jackie revealed that she and Josh are, in fact, still an item… and it sounds as though things are getting pretty serious between the two.

“Me and Josh are still going strong,” Jackie shared.

Things are so strong that Jackie and Josh are even moving in together.

“We are getting a place together,” Jackie added. “He hangs out with my family all the time.”

Jackie has received backlash for seemingly leaving Marshall high and dry during his tuxedo fitting. Editing made it appear that Jackie stood up Marshall to meet Josh at the coffee shop. However, Jackie said that’s not how it went down.

“So, I was at the coffee shop with Josh not when Marshall was at the suit fitting or whatever he was doing,” Jackie explained. “I was actually at the townhome waiting for Marshall.”

Jackie sets the record straight about meeting up with Josh at the coffee shop

In addition to clearing the air about how Netflix edited her segments on Love Is Blind, Jackie recently took to her Instagram page to explain how things really went down.

Jackie reiterated that she and Marshall had broken up before meeting Josh at the coffee shop for a date. She pointed out that her attire was different in the two scenes, seemingly proving that editing was to blame for making it appear that she left Marshall hanging at the tuxedo shop while she enjoyed some caffeinated beverages with Josh.

Also, Love Is Blind viewers will remember that when Jackie and Marshall broke up, Marshall was adamant that she return her engagement ring, but she refused.

In her Instagram post, Jackie shared that Marshall didn’t pay for the engagement ring, but Love Is Blind did, as well as the rest of the cast’s rings.

Jackie’s ex, Marshall Glaze, also dated someone else from the Love Is Blind cast

While Jackie moved on with Josh after her breakup with Marshall, he also tried his hand at love with someone else from the show. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Marshall briefly dated a contestant named Kacia Clark.

Marshall dated Kacia — a 31-year-old family support specialist who didn’t have much screentime during the show — but his recent breakup with Jackie was still weighing on his mind.

Marshall told E! News that forming a solid relationship with Kacia didn’t work because he was still hung up on his failed relationship with Jackie. He called the breakup with Kacia “rough,” and to this day, he’s still “apologetic” about pursuing a relationship with Kacia and getting her hopes up.

Love Is Blind: The Live Reunion will stream globally from Los Angeles on Sunday, April 16, at 8/7c on Netflix.

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