Love After Lockup’s Lizzie Kommes arrested again

Lizzie Kommes
Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Lizzie Kommes has been arrested again in Wisconsin. Meanwhile her ex-boyfriend, Josh Seiter posted about his single status. Pic credit: WE TV

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Kommes can not seem to stay out of trouble or out of relationship drama as news has broken that she was arrested again. This news comes on the heels of her breakup with former The Bachelorette contestant Josh Seiter.

It has been confirmed that the pair split before this current arrest and Josh is doing fine, but in case anyone had doubts about Josh’s relationship status, he posted to Instagram, “SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE, WHO ELSE IS SOLO??”

Lizzie and Josh have not posted anything together since March 17, but her Instagram bio still says, “In new relationship @josh_seiter_official” and they still follow each other on the platform.

43-year-old Lizzie’s arrest took place in Wisconsin, but it remains unclear what the exact charge is this time.

This is not Lizzie’s first arrest while on parole

This is Lizzie’s third arrest since getting out of prison and starting parole in August of 2018. The reason for this arrest has not been confirmed, but she is in custody at the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin.

Lizzie's arrest record
Lizzie was arrested again in Wisconsin. Pic credit:

Her first arrest since being paroled was related to a domestic violence incident with her ex-boyfriend Brian, whom she dated before Josh, which took place in September of 2020. The arrest ended in a parole violation and the incident happened the same day Brian took a restraining order out on her.

There was another arrest that happened after the domestic violence incident, and before this latest one, that remains unclear but could possibly be from a probation violation or a bench warrant for missing court.

During her time on Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup Lizzie expressed her deep desire to remain free and to live a life devoted to God, remaining sober, and being a contributing member of society. Lizzie did just that for about two years before all these arrests took place.

Lizzie’s relationship with Josh was interesting

Both Josh and Lizzie have backgrounds as exotic dancers and shared a whirlwind romance that only lasted a few months. They were both very involved on each other’s Instagram pages and their fans got to hear all about their PDA and new romance on there.

Josh is no stranger to dating reality TV stars. After being on The Bachelorette, Josh dated Yolanda from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days before striking up a relationship with Lizzie.

With that said, Josh is on the market again and drove that point home in no uncertain terms through his latest Instagram post.

As for Lizzie, Love After Lockup fans hope that she can come back from the consequences of her string of arrests and start focusing on herself, her daughter, and her freedom more.

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup are currently on hiatus.

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