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Love After Lockup’s Lamar shares tips for surviving lockdown

Lamar from Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup is coming through for viewers who may be lost during this national crisis. While it isn’t the same experience, he is offering helpful tips for everyone who is under lockdown.

After spending 18 years behind bars and around half of them on lockdown, Lamar knows a thing or two about what people should expect. The Love After Lockup star made a video for viewers to watch with five tips they can use to help pass the time and keep themselves sane.

What does Lamar from Love After Lockup recommend?

Keeping things lighthearted, Lamar from Love After Lockup comes to viewers from the comfort of his bathroom. He has made this into a makeshift cell, modeling it after what he had while he was serving time.

His first tip is to keep reading. Find a good book or “get your religion” on is what Lamar from Love After Lockup recommends. He says it in a semi-joking matter, but reading is important. Find things that interest you and will continue to make your brain think.

Loading up is the second tip given by Lamar. He even had some of his go-to ideas in the bathroom with him. Commissary is important and that relates to groceries in the outside world. Making sure you’re stocked is important during a lockdown.

Lamar during a Life After Lockup confessional.
Lamar is an expert on lockdown and he shares tips. Pic credit: WEtv

Another thing suggested by Lamar from Love After Lockup is keeping your hygiene up. Use your shampoo and deodorants like normal. Keep other essentials like toilet paper and toothpaste in use as well.

Keep fit. Doing some exercise was another tip from Lamar. He did pushups and burpees as a demonstration. With not much else to do, getting some workouts in will help keep you healthy and fit while remaining inside.

Finally, Lamar recommends winding down. While his choice was a bottle of hooch, there are various other options for those on lockdown.

What is Lamar from Love After Lockup up to now?

It looks like Lamar and Andrea ended up back in Los Angeles. She recently shared a photo regarding Nyla’s hairstylist in the area. The couple took a vote and it was 3-2 when it came to moving to California or staying in Utah.

Viewers enjoy this couple and wish them the best as they continue to navigate their life together.

Love After Lockup is expected to return later this year.

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