Liz Wilcox shares a great life update following Survivor 46

Liz Wilcox playing Survivor
Survivor 46 featured Liz Wilcox as a castaway. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Liz Wilcox has been busy since returning home from Fiji.

Survivor fans watched as Liz made it to the final four but fell short in the Fire-Making Challenge.

Despite not making the final three, Liz was confident she had done enough to win that $1 million prize.

In a shocking admission, Liz revealed that she told a huge lie in Fiji. It had been an attempt to mitigate her threat level to other players.

Liz voted for Charlie Davis to win Survivor 46, but he finished as the runner-up to Kenzie Petty.

Since then, Charlie has posted a sad video of him singing Taylor Swift in the shower and expressing his exasperation that Maria Gonzalez didn’t vote for him.

Liz Wilcox reveals some huge life news

Liz dropped some happy news on social media this week, revealing that she has purchased her first house.

“In some good post-S46 news, I bought my first house today!” Liz exclaimed in an X post.

“In my dream neighborhood. On my dream street,” she added.

It wouldn’t be Liz if she didn’t crack a joke about Survivor relating to the purchase.

“Didn’t even need Survivor money to do it. Rumored Billionaire lives!” she joked.

Along with the post are two images featuring Liz and her daughter. One image has them signing documents, and the other has them standing in front of their home.

Fans of Liz share their support

Many followers have commented on Liz’s post to share their congratulations.

“Super happy for you Liz! Now hire someone to do the landscaping. Put that #Cameo money to good use,” wrote one fan. “LITERALLY,” Liz responded.

“Can’t spell Liz Wilcox without the W,” posted another fan.

“I can only imagine the happy tears when you walked into YOUR house. Congrats! A massive move” wrote a third fan.

“It’s overwhelming for a kid who grew up like me. I worked so hard to give this to myself and my daughter. Thank you!” Liz responded to that fan.

Liz X Post Survivor
Fans share their support of Liz from Survivor. Pic credit: @TheLizWilcox88/X

More news from the Survivor 46 cast

The Survivor 46 cast has been busy following the finale.

Kenzie shared a dramatic new hairstyle and baby bump. Yes, she has a baby on the way.

Q Burdette says he will give out cash prizes to players from future Survivor seasons. He is going to begin with the Survivor 46 cast.

The Sia Prize has also ended at Survivor. The singer used to give cash prizes to her favorite players each season.

Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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