Life After Lockup exclusive: Lacey and Shane see a marriage counselor

Lacey and Shane on Life After Lockup.
Lacey and Shane attend marriage counseling on Life After Lockup. Pic credit: WeTV

Lacey and Shane are going through a rough spot in their marriage this season on Life After Lockup.

Things haven’t been the same for them in the bedroom since they welcomed Summer, and she wanted to know why.

After talking to her friends and looking through his phone, Lacey decided Shane should take a polygraph test.

When that test revealed he had been entertaining men on OnlyFans for money, things got even more strained.

In this exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Lacey and Shane head to marriage counseling to sort out what is happening between them and discuss the polygraph results.

Things intensify when Shane becomes defensive, and Lacey starts to yell.

To find out what happens at the marriage counseling session between Lacey and Shane, be sure to tune in to the all-new episode.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WeTV.

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