Life After Lockup exclusive interview: Amber Eggers talks misconceptions and red flags

Amber Eggers on Life After Lockup.
Monsters & Critics spoke with Amber Eggers about Life After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Amber Eggers joined Life After Lockup when she coupled up with Vince. Their story played out on Season 2, and while they didn’t work out, she has continued appearing on Life After Lockup with her prison friend, Puppy.

When Puppy was released, it looked like she was still interested in a relationship with Amber. The two were featured working through their issues, and when Amber moved out of Kathy’s (Puppy’s mom) house, it looked like that may have been the end of them.

This season on Life After Lockup, Amber and Puppy have reconnected and are dating men. Amber suggests the two meet for a double date, and that is exactly what happens.

Monsters & Critics had a chance to speak with Amber Eggers and ask her about Life After Lockup. Here’s what she had to say about the show and some red flags from her time with Vince.

Monsters & Critics: Are you keeping up with the franchise? Do you watch all of the shows, and do you have a favorite couple?

Amber: Hm, I’m not … Okay, I’m, I don’t watch much TV at all; I work a lot. So what I do watch of the show, on Saturday morning, I watch it on YouTube. I scroll through, watch our scenes, so I know what I’m allowed to talk about on social media, and that’s about it.

Monsters & Critics: What is the biggest misconception people have of you from just watching the show?

Amber: Two things. People, one, think that, um, that I used Vince for some reason, that, like, he took care of me financially in prison, and none of that ever happened, um, nor did he take care of me outside of prison. And another thing, a lot of people think that, uh, like, I used Puppy to, like, have a place to go and have a place to stay and, but in reality, um, Puppy actually asked me to go to her mom’s before we even knew about the show, before the show even came about, because, you know, she had her daughter while she was in prison and she asked me to go there so I could, like, you know, help her mom financially until she got out.

Monsters & Critics: What has been the biggest help in keeping you, like, on the straight and narrow? Like, what’s advice that you would give somebody who’s, like, just coming out and trying to make it as you have so far?

Amber: Okay. I think that, um, you know, a lot of people, like, I think it maybe is a pride thing, like, ‘I can do it on my own,’ or ‘I don’t need any help.’ You can’t be afraid to ask people for help, you know? Like, most people get out, and they don’t have the opportunity that I had, like, to go to the transitional center and to make some money, to get out too, or they don’t have the, you know, like, the show with that kinda support, so if you don’t, you can’t be afraid to ask people for help, no matter what it is: a job, a ride to a job, you know, anything.

Monsters & Critics: If you had the chance to do this all over again, would you, and would there be anything that you did differently?

Amber: Um, yes, I would. I would definitely do it again. And I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t think I would do anything differently, and even if I did, it wouldn’t matter really, you know what I mean? Like, the network and the show is gonna, you know, they’re gonna air what little… the best little bits of whatever they film and, and then, on top of that, you know, people are gonna think what they wanted anyway,

Monsters & Critics: Do you have any advice that you would give somebody who’s talking to a pen pal or something? Were there red flags with Vince or anything like that?

Amber: I mean, there were definitely red flags. At first, okay, Vince is just kinda weird in the beginning, but you know what I mean? Like, it takes all kinds, you know what I mean? So I was like, accepting of that, but when I came to the conclusion that, that Vince, that was really out, there was a reason that, ‘Oh, I wanna marry you. I wanna do it while you’re in prison. I can get this money. I can do whatever.’ You know what I mean? When it comes to a conclusion that, ‘Okay, he has ulterior motives.’

To keep up with Amber Eggers and her story, be sure to tune in weekly.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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