Lauren Comeau may be done with Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin for good after she seeks housing recommendations on social media

Javi Marroquin during a Teen Mom 2 reunion
Lauren Comeau looks for housing recommendations on social media making it seem like she might be done with Javi Marroquin for good. Pic credit: MTV

Things have been quiet for former Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin after drama exploded when Kailyn Lowry revealed he tried to hook up with her.

After the episode, his fiancee Lauren Comeau posted videos on her Instagram stories that showed she had apparently left their home in Delaware and was spending time with her family in Maine along with her and Javi’s son, Eli.

Lauren returned from Maine recently and celebrated Eli’s birthday in Delaware with Javi.  Fans wondered whether this meant the couple had reconciled or whether they were getting along for the sake of their son.

Neither Lauren nor Javi have made public statements regarding the status of their relationship, but according to The Hollywood Gossip, Lauren made a recent Facebook post that made it seem like she could be done with Javi for good.

In the Facebook post, Lauren sought out recommendations for available housing.  She posted, “Hi Delaware friends!  If any of you know of a short term rental options, 6 months or under, or a rent to own option – please let me know!”

The post caused speculation amongst fans as they wondered if Lauren looked for a rent to own option because she planned to leave Javi once and for all.

Javi’s infidelity

Kail’s hook up accusation was not the first time Javi had cheated on Lauren.

Shortly after they got engaged, Lauren allegedly found Javi with a naked woman in their home.  Javi publicly posted an apology to Lauren and vowed to be a better man to her.

Lauren eventually moved back into their home and the couple appeared to be working things out.

After the hookup drama with Kail aired on national television and caused Lauren to take time away in Maine, Javi turned to prayer to help guide him.  He encouraged his followers to join him on Instagram for a prayer group after he admitted he was going through a tough time.

Other women speak out

Kail’s hookup accusation was not the only drama that surrounded Javi during this time.  Lacey Whitlow from Love After Lockup came forward on Twitter and said that Javi tried to meet up with her too.

She claimed Javi watched her webcams and sent her sexual videos and messages while he was still in a relationship.  She said, “Lmao he’s always been a player! He use to watch me LIVE on webcam and would snap chat video himself all while in a relationship!!”

Javi posted on social media and denied Lacey’s claim.  He said he had no idea who she was but Javi’s history of infidelity made it difficult for fans to believe his side of the story.

Lauren has taken Javi back before…will she do it again?  While the current status of their relationship remains unknown, Lauren’s recent Facebook post forecasts a grim outcome for Javi.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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