Laura from Below Deck Down Under addresses her behavior and thanks fans for support

Laura Bileskalne on Below Deck Down Under
Laura keeps speaking her mind. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under star Laura Bileskalne has addressed her behavior that got her fired on the show.

The disgraced stew also thanked people for their support amid all the outrage.

Yes, apparently, she has received some understanding of her situation.

Laura even shared proof of the positive DMs she’s recieved since the Below Deck Down Under episodes featuring her and Luke Jones’ predatory behavior hit Bravo airwaves this week.

This comes on the heels of Laura apologizing to Margot Sisson and Adam Kodra for how she treated them.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Laura had a lot to say, so let’s get into it.

Laura Bileskalne from Below Deck Down Under addresses her behavior

In one IG Story, Laura shared a mirror selfie to express how grateful she was to see the positive messages for Adam and Margot. Laura also admitted to getting a ton of hate in her DMs.

The stew doesn’t take the trolls personally, though. In fact, Laura feels like it’s a sign people care and are invested in her.

Then Laura admitted she knew this negativity was coming and was ready for it.

“I have always been mentally prepared that there will be negative messages for one topic or other, you can’t go on a reality show when you have a strong personality and a character and expect people not to have opinions, ” she wrote before adding, “This is reality TV and you have to be interesting enough to make people talk, that is basically the goal of good TV. Nobody is going to talk about how good the deco looked or how the drinks were preferred at temperature.”

Laura also shared a picture of her and Adam to issue him another apology, even acknowledging she might have been obnoxious. The stew also thanked him for accepting her apology.

Laura IG Story behavior
Laura addresses the Below Deck Down Under negativity. Pic credit: @lbilene/Instagram

Below Deck Down Under fired star Laura Bileskalne shares supportive DMs

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Laura had a message for the haters the other day. It looks like she’s doubling down on that message.

Before revealing all of the support Laura has gotten this week, she took another shot at the haters. Laura pointed out that she won’t stand for “bullying and harassment” as she called out people using harassment to stand up against harassment.

Laura went on to thank her fans who have stood by her during this time, including some of the positive DMs she has received.

“And thank you fans for all the support I have gotten these days, for relating and understanding me and the situation,” Laura expressed.

Laura messages
Laura takes on haters on IG. Pic credit: @lbilene/Instagram

Another slide had Laura sending out thanks to those who don’t know her but are supporting her. A different one featured Laura glad that people were starting to get it. For the final one, she kept it simple, writing “WORD” over a DM.

Laura shares DMs on IG Story
Laura shows the support she’s received after Below Deck Down Under firing. Pic credit: @lbilene/Instagram

Laura Bileskalne from Below Deck Down Under has stuck to her guns, doubling down on her behavior on the show. The stew even took time to shout-out the positivity she has endured while also facing a lot of hate.

What do you think of Laura’s messages?

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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