Kyle Richards tries to distance herself from Annemarie Wiley amid massive RHOBH backlash

RHOBH star Annemarie Wiley at BravoCon 2023; Kyle Richards at the NBC Winter party, 2010.
Kyle Richards speaks on her relationship with Annemarie Wiley. Pic credit: © Media

Kyle Richards is distancing herself from Annemarie Wiley amid people’s visceral reaction to her behavior on the show.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie was introduced to the show as Kyle‘s friend, but the OG is now singing a different tune.

She recently dished about the backlash against Annemarie and confessed that she had only met her once before she suggested her for the show.

As for whether she brought the mom of three on the show to do her “dirty work,” amid her feud with Sutton Stracke, the mom of four laughed at those claims.

Annemarie had her sights set on Sutton since they first met, and things got weird as she spent all her camera time arguing about Sutton’s esophagus.

Viewers blasted the newbie, and many people called for her firing, although the season isn’t even over yet.

Annemarie doesn’t have a lot of people in her corner, and in case she thought Kyle was an ally, she’ll think differently after hearing what the OG had to say about their relationship – or lack thereof.

RHOBH star Kyle Richards tries to distance herself from Annemarie Wiley and says she met her ‘one time’

Kyle Richards has enough drama to deal with, so she’s trying to distance herself from Annemarie.

The RHOBH star was on Jeff Lewis Live recently, and she didn’t just talk about Morgan Wade.

Annemarie was also a major topic of conversation as Jeff questioned whether the newbie was a good fit for the show.

“Here’s another misconception, I’ve read that ‘Kyle brought in Annemarie to do her dirty work…'” Kyle said laughingly. “I met her one time.”

According to the mom of four, she met Annemarie at a work party for Mauricio Umansky’s company, The Agency.

“I think the first time I saw her actually, was when she joined the show after that,” added Kyle.

Kyle reacts to Annemarie’s behavior on the show

Kyle noted in the interview how she reached out to Annemarie about joining the show after they met.

“She was very nice, very outspoken…I just thought she was cool,” said Kyle.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the “cool” side of Annemarie quite yet, and the OG agreed that the nurse anesthetist could have handled herself better.

“I think she didn’t handle herself great in some of these situations,” reasoned Kyle.

“I think when you have something like that you’ve gotta see the balance of other things too. I don’t think we really got to see that.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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