Korey on Love Island USA finally finds his first shot at love

Korey on Love Island USA finally finds his first shot at love
Korey on Love Island USA finally finds his first shot at love. Pic credit: CBS

Through the first week of Love Island USA, it seemed like Christian and Korey were the two odd men out.

Even when Christian went home first, and a new coupling saved Korey, it wasn’t what he was looking for. Trina chose him but made it clear they were just friends.

Trina still wanted to steal Cinco from Cash, which she succeeded in doing in this last episode.

However, the good news is that Korey might have lost out on Trina, but he finally found someone who might like him for who he is.

Korey and Florita find a connection

All the girls got to go have a nice lunch together away from the boys. What they didn’t know was that they would return and find three new girls in the villa.

These girls were Florita, Roxy, and Lei-Yen.

Lei-Yen has made it clear that she wants to move in on Cinco, possibly ruining the sneaky move that Trina pulled off to steal him from Cash. Lei-Yen already said she was interested in Cinco.

However, the best news came for Korey.

The entire first week, Korey was moping around the villa. None of the girls chose him, and the only one who did, only chose him because he was all that was left, outside of Josh and Christian, who none of the girls wanted.

When the new girls came in, Korey got a huge surprise. He saw one of these girls and she took his breath away. This was Florita.

Then, Korey got an even bigger surprise.

The fans voted on Korey to get a private date

Fans got to vote on who the new girls had a private date with. Each of the fan votes had the same decision.

Korey won all three fan votes and got to go on a date at the same time with all three girls.

It was a fun moment, with Korey finally getting the attention he missed out on in the first week of the competition.

Before this, Korey got a private moment with Florita.

She told him how beautiful his eyes were and that she loved his tattoos. She also has plenty of tattoos and Korey admitted that she was the first girl that really took his breath away at the villa.

It looks like Korey might have just found his match.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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