Kendra Caldwell resurfaces on social media with photos of Garrett and Addison Duggar

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell in a Counting On confessional.
Kendra Caldwell shared photos on Instagram yesterday. Pic credit: TLC

Kendra Caldwell has had Counting On fans wondering about her well being following her absence from Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby shower.

Speculation is that she may be expecting her third child. Her absence has sparked concern, but Kendra returned to Instagram to share three photos of her children, Garrett and Addison Duggar.

Instagram post shared by Kendra Caldwell

It was heavily noted that Kendra Caldwell isn’t as active as some of the other Duggar children and spouses on social media. She has shared various photos of her children, but often, she finds herself getting harsh critiques about parenting.

From Garrett running around without his shoes tied to leaving Addison in the car seat while her big brother plays with her, Kendra has gotten plenty of rude comments and advice in an attempt to make her aware of what is going on around her.

Yesterday, Kendra Caldwell returned to her Instagram account and shared a series of photos of her children looking adorable. Garrett was in a suit and Addison was in an adorable dress. They were in what some would describe as their “Sunday best.”


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Our world? #garrettdavidduggar #addisonreneeduggar #siblings

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Could Kendra Caldwell be pregnant again?

As of now, Kendra Caldwell has not commented on the speculation she is expecting her third child with Joseph Duggar. The couple will be featured on the new episode of Counting On when Addison is delivered. She was born last November, which means it is entirely possible that another baby could be on the way for the young couple.

Throughout her pregnancies, Kendra is known for suffering quite a bit with morning sickness. She addressed that while expecting both children.

Her absence from Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby shower sparked speculation because of her known sickness. The two Duggar women are close and missing something as important as that was shocking to Counting On fans.

If she didn’t skip the shower and was in attendance but not shown in photos, that would be another reason to think Kendra Caldwell is expecting. There are a lot of possibilities regarding how things went down, but no one knows for sure where Kendra was on the day Joy-Anna was celebrated.

Typically, the Duggars wait for Jim Bob Duggar’s approval when it comes to making a courtship or pregnancy announcement. As Counting On is currently airing, the couple could be waiting to confirm another baby is on the way at the end of the season.

For now, Kendra Caldwell dropped photos of her kids on Instagram to let fans know she is still around, but no photos of herself just yet.

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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Lynn H
Lynn H
2 years ago

Those are beautiful kids and look at those smiles