Kathryn Dennis shows off ‘nice girl gang’ while throwing shade at Southern Charm costars

Kathryn Dennis sharing a close up selfie.
Kathryn Dennis calls herself and her friends the “nice girl gang.” Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Kathryn Dennis is here to throw shade during Season 8 of Southern Charm.

During the most recent episode, she met up with Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers for a girls’ lunch.

They talked about their love lives, revealing that Kathryn was not invited to the dog wedding hosted by Patricia Altschul.

Kathryn rocked a blue outfit, which accentuated her icy blonde hair. She revealed she was considering returning to her natural red hair and has since filming ceased.

She’s had difficulty keeping and maintaining friendships, so seeing her with Taylor and Olivia is refreshing. It also makes sense as she revealed that Austen, Craig, and Shep had been there as she navigated the custody battle over her kids.

The Southern Charm star enjoys being part of the “nice girl gang.”

Kathryn Dennis shades Southern Charm costars

On her Instagram page, Kathryn Dennis showed off a photo from her lunch with Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers.

She captioned it, “You’ll finally get a glimpse of the nice girl gang tonight on #southerncharm @9pm #nicegirlgang”

It’s obvious that Kathryn isn’t a Naomie Olindo fan, and that checks out. After Chleb Ravenell was messy at Olivia’s party, it just heightened their feud.

She isn’t a fan of Venita or Leva, and apparently Madison LeCroy.

If she considers Taylor, Olivia, and herself the “nice girl gang,” what does she call the other girls?

Kathryn Dennis is still fighting for her kids

Earlier this year, Kathryn Dennis revealed she had lost custody of Kenzie and Saint, and they remain with their dad, Thomas Ravenel.

Details about the custody change weren’t made public, but Kathryn spoke out, revealing it was over a failed drug test.

She revealed that she spends roughly 40 hours with her children a month, which isn’t what she wants. When she does have them, the Southern Charm star shares photos of them with followers and shows just how grown up they are now. Both were born during the Southern Charm run, so viewers have watched them grow up.

What’s next for Kathryn regarding her kids is unclear. She hasn’t said much since doing the interview, but it appears she still sees them supervised every other weekend. Kathryn has gotten support from costars along the way.

Kathryn may be a part of the “nice girl gang,” but a piece of her is still missing when her kids aren’t around.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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