Kathryn Dennis and Madison LeCroy hang out doing ‘country’ stuff

Kathryn Dennis as a blonde.
Kathryn Dennis and Madison LeCroy are building a friendship. Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Kathryn Dennis and Madison LeCroy hanging out wasn’t what we saw coming.

Sure, the two Southern Charm stars could be in the same room, but given the beef between Madison and Kathryn’s friend, Olivia Flowers, this was a bit of a surprise.

Everyone appeared together last month at BravoCon, but ahead of that, Olivia threw some serious shade at Madison on a photo shared by Kathryn.

Time in the Big Apple may have smoothed things over between the women. After all, they were just sassy over Austen Kroll. And if Olivia isn’t dating him and Madison is over him, there shouldn’t be anything to argue over.

Madison and Kathryn could be a dangerous duo if their friendship remains intact and another season of Southern Charm is ordered.

It looks like doing “country” stuff is right up their alley.

Kathryn Dennis and Madison LeCroy pose for selfie while hanging out

On Instagram, Kathryn Dennis shared a photo of the pair hanging out together.

She and Madison LeCroy appear to be sitting on an outdoor patio, perhaps sharing a meal or something similar.

Kathryn captioned the photo, “Cause I just wanna do country A$$ s**t with my country A$$ friends ?.”

No geotag was on the post, so where they were is unclear. However, both were dressed casually, so it likely wasn’t a huge event.

What are Kathryn Dennis and Madison LeCroy doing now?

Southern Charm isn’t filming, or at least filming has yet to be announced. It’s also unclear whether the show will be renewed for another season as Leva Bonaparte received a spin-off, and Craig Conover and Austen Kroll are appearing on Winter House.

Madison LeCroy is preparing for her wedding, which is just days away. She became engaged while filming last fall and has been finishing up the last-minute touches before becoming a bride. One of the tasks Madison has undergone is “sweating for the wedding,” where she sits in a sauna with clothes on and works up an extra sweat to slim down.

Kathryn Dennis has mainly stayed to herself since the Southern Charm reunion aired. She did post a lot during BravoCon but has pulled back drastically while attempting to fight her ex for custody of her children. She opened up about that a little bit, sharing only what she could.

These two women hanging out could lead to more of a friendship in the future, which could be a beautiful thing for Bravo viewers.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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