Kate Chastain brands Ashton’s comments on Below Deck reunion a ‘bulls**t TED Talk’

Kate Chastain calls out Ashton Pienaar apology on Twitter
There is no love lost between Kate and Ashton on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain branded Ashton Pienaar’s comments on the Below Deck reunion a “bulls**t TED Talk. Hours before announcing she was leaving the Bravo reality TV series after six seasons, Kate used social media to get in another jab at the bosun.

There is no love lost between Ashton and Kate. She was forced to live with his disgusting behavior during the filming of Below Deck last year. As Season 7 unfolded onscreen, his actions were more horrific than the former chief stew initially thought.

Kate Chastain gets the last word

A couple of hours before the Season 7 Below Deck reunion, Kate used Twitter to express her thoughts on the upcoming episode. Anyone who watched the second part of the reunion knows it was mostly all about Ashton and the bros’ bad behavior.

Kate’s tweet was a dig at Asthon, and it was right on the money.

“In a last-minute change of @BravoTV scheduling this evening, part 2 of the #Belowdeck reunion has been canceled, and in its place, Ashton is giving a TED Talk. Thank you for coming to his TED Talk,” she wrote.

Twitter agreed with her words. As the reunion show played out on Bravo, fans commented on Kate’s tweet with the amount of BS that was spewing out of Ashton’s mouth. Several users even joked it was the worst TED Talk ever and wanted their money and time back.

Kate calls out Ashton Pienaar’s apology

Kate was firing off tweets left and right as her final Below Deck season came to a close. She tweeted a clip of Ashton’s apology calling him out and asking fans to do the same if they agreed.

“RT if you think this little speech is bulls**t. (#BelowDeck reunion episode 2 tonight at 8pm),” she tweeted.

It seems many Below Deck fans are on Team Kate when it comes to the apology. People feel there are several reasons Ashton issued the apology, none of which are that he is genuinely sorry for his actions. Not only did Ashton burst into violent behavior in the van, but throughout the entire season, he exhibited misogynistic frat boy drunken actions.

If Ashton truly is working on himself, as he said during the show, he is going to have to do a lot better than a teary apology that appeared as if it was written by a publicist. Fans are not ready to believe he has changed.

The disaster that was Season 7 of Below Deck is over. Kate Chastain has nothing nice to say about Ashton Pienaar, and she is justified. He did her wrong all season.

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