Kailyn Lowry isn’t afraid to let her kids watch Teen Mom 2 some day

Kail Lowry during a reunion episode for Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry has no issues letting her kids watch Teen Mom 2 once they are old enough Pic credit: MTV

Kailyn Lowry has shared her life with fans for the past eleven years on Teen Mom 2.

Her journey started when she became pregnant with her first son, Isaac, who is now ten-years-old. She shares Isaac with her baby daddy Jo Rivera.

Kail also shares her son Lincoln, who is seven-years-old, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin and sons Lux, three, and Creed, six months, with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Kail has faced criticism from fans for the number of relationships she’s had and for the fact that she has four children with three different baby daddies.

According to People, during an Instagram Q and A, a fan asked Kail if she would let Isaac watch the first two seasons of the show.

Kail responded, “Not right now. If they want to watch when they’re older and can ask questions, I would be more open to it.”

Isaac asks Kail questions about her relationships

While Kail didn’t identify what age she would be willing to let her boys watch the show, as her boys have gotten older, they’ve started to ask Kail questions.

In an earlier episode this season, Lincoln asked Kail why he didn’t have a step-dad. Kail responded and said, “I don’t really have an answer for you to be perfectly honest.”

Isaac stepped in to give his perspective on his mother’s complex dating history. He said, “I know why! When I was born you liked my dad but then they didn’t like each other anymore and then they broke up and she met your dad, and they got married so he was my stepdad but then they got divorced and he wasn’t my stepdad anymore…but then she found Chris and didn’t marry him, so…”

Lincoln said he thought Kail loved Chris but Isaac explained that they were taking time away from each other.

During a confessional interview, Kail admitted that Isaac had picked up on some of the things that had gone on in her personal life. She said she felt like a bad mother because of the toxic people and situations she’d allowed around her.

Kail goes to counseling to work on her issues

Despite feeling like a bad mom, Kail has continued to navigate co-parenting with her three baby daddies and do the best she can for her boys.

The drama between her and her most recent ex, Chris, has been ongoing and included her arrest back in September after she allegedly got physical with him.

On the season finale of Teen Mom 2, Kail admitted she attends therapy to work on taking accountability for the decisions she makes in her co-parenting relationships and how her actions contribute to drama and problems.

Her revelation came after she spoke with Lauren Comeau after the fallout of her accusation that Javi Marroquin tried to hook up with her.

Kail struggled with how her hookup allegation negatively affected Lauren. She ended up apologizing to her for airing her dirty laundry on national television.

Even though Kail has made mistakes, it looks like she’s tried to hold herself accountable for her actions and isn’t trying to hide those mistakes from her children.

Time will tell what her children think once they are old enough to watch the show and can ask their mom questions.

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