Julie reveals the first choice for Big Brother host and her favorite Big Brother moment

Julie Chen Big Brother Interview
Host Julie Chen Moonves sends home a houseguest ahead of Big Brother 25 Wall Competition. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 has just about arrived, and host Julie Chen Moonves is discussing the show’s history.

To celebrate that history, CBS has a one-hour special on July 26 to mark the 25th season.

Julie has been doing a lot of press in conjunction with that anniversary special, which has led to some intriguing information coming out.

She recently revealed what would make her leave Big Brother.

And Julie answered the question about her favorite moment she has experienced on the show.

She is keeping things interesting while fans wait for the release date of the Big Brother 25 cast.

Who was supposed to host Big Brother?

Julie told Entertainment Tonight that she wasn’t the first choice to become the Big Brother host.

“I wasn’t the first choice to host. It was offered and turned down by Meredith Vieira,” Julie replied when asked if there is anything that fans of the series don’t know.

When she took the job, Julie heard a rumor about Meredith getting offered the job, but it wasn’t until later that the information was confirmed to her.

Julie asked her husband, former CBS chairman and CEO Les Moonves, and he confirmed that the stories were true.

“He said, ‘I knew Big Brother was going to be kind of a trashy show… So, we wanted to class it up with the host.’ They offered it to her because she was a very well-respected name in the business,” Julie explained.

What is Julie’s favorite moment in the history of Big Brother?

Julie was recently asked what he favorite moment has been in the history of Big Brother. She likely had the chance to answer with a note about Big Brother Over the Top or Celebrity Big Brother, but her answer was about Big Brother 13.

In an interview with Dalton Ross, Julie picked Rachel Reilly winning Big Brother 13 as her favorite moment.

“Because she won the second time she was cast, and the first time she was cast, she wasn’t anywhere near America’s Favorite Houseguest,” Julie explained.

After addressing that Rachel had her die-hard fans but also viewers who loved to root against her, Julie explained how Rachel’s second appearance on the show won her over.

“She had everything working against her. I’m sure she knew what people were probably saying about her on the internet after she left the previous summer. I’m sure she read it all. She was kind of left as one person on an island by herself in that house. And she didn’t let the mental challenge of it tear her down and affect her game. I was like, ‘Girl, I’m a super fan,'” Julie told Entertainment Weekly.

Summer and Fall of Big Brother episodes

Big Brother is usually a summer show for CBS, but the network postponed it to have more episodes in the fall.

In the Big Brother TV schedule for Season 25, episodes will last until November. The extended season will give fans exciting moments as winter approaches.

And for fans who cannot get enough, a new season of The Challenge: USA features nine Big Brother alums.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

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