Julie Alley shares an emotional video from when she told her family she would be on Survivor

Julie Alley's Survivor photo
Survivor 45 castaway Julie Alley. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor alum Julie Alley has been busy on social media following the season finale.

Julie finished in fifth place on Survivor 45, coming up just short in a split vote after Austin Li Coon used his Immunity Idol.

Julie had saved herself two episodes prior thanks to her use of an Immunity Idol she had been holding for Austin.

Austin recently joked about her “stealing” the Idol from him. His social media post also hinted that he would post more about it later.

“What do you mean it’s YOUR idol now?!” Austin joked on the post.

Austin made it to the final three, but the Survivor jury named Dee Valladares the Season 45 winner.

Julie Alley shares her Survivor revelation video

Julie shared two videos on a recent Instagram post. The first video showcases when she first saw the Survivor 45 promo, and the second video depicts when she told her family she was going on Survivor.

“Copying @austinlicoon and showing where I was when I first saw the 45 promo!” Julie captioned her post.

“Plus another video of when I first told some of my family that I got on the show,” Julie added.

The first video on the Instagram post features much screaming from her family (and Julie) as she watches the Survivor 45 promo.

The second video was filmed in a kitchen, where Julie announces that she’s going to Fiji to film a new Survivor season. Adjust the volume, as there is even more screaming this time.

Julie was on a trip with Austin

Austin has recently shared many photos about what he has been up to after Survivor 45. A new post even features Julie on what appears to be a fun trip.

Julie and Austin are in mid-conversation in the second photo of the Instagram post below.

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